Tuesday, May 06, 2008

bathroom before & after

Maybe not "after." "During" is more appropriate.

There's a plumber here today putting in a toilet and a sink. I hadn't started shopping for a sink and wasn't looking forward to it, since I didn't want to buy a $200 Lowe's special that would somehow turn out to be defective, but I also didn't want an $8,000 sink from a fancy bath place. So my plumber says, "How would you like to buy a Kohler pedestal and save some money?" Why, of course I would! He knew a woman who had put this sink in her house, and later changed her mind and bought a different sink and needed the old one taken off her hands. My plumber actually drove to her house and brought the sink back to me so I could see it and I accepted it immediately. It is a basic pedestal sink, but with a fairly large square-ish top, so you have a bit of counter space on which to rest your toothbrush. It looks old fashioned, but not pretentious. It's such a relief not to have to try to decide between numerous design details of a whole host of sinks. And it was cheap too.

These pictures were taken just after the tile was finished. I'll put up more later, with toilet and sink installed.

This is what it used to look like. The floor was the same 2" squares as was in the shower, only green instead of pink.


  1. Nice floor! I can't wait to see the sink and terlet photos. You people might just be gittin too big for yer britches with 2 functional bathrooms.