Monday, June 02, 2008

In which I post many photos of my bathroom redo

Major demolition.

Old walls. This picture was taken after the demolition had been turned into a new space. We raised the roof on the back of the house, so what you're seeing here is the old wall, with that horizontal seam showing where the old ceiling used to be, and new drywall above. We ran beadboard up to the level of the seam so we wouldn't have to finish it with drywall mud.

New walls.

Old shower.

Old shower--specifically, the rot we found behind it.

New shower.

Old floor.

New floor.

Old Sink.

The pipes left behind after tearing out the sink made a handy toilet paper holder. For two years.

New Sink.

Old door.

We used an old sheet for a door for at least a year.

New door.
We hung it from a barn track.
I know this is not to everyone's taste--the guys at Better Living thought we were crazy for using a barn track for a bathroom. I love it. We found this door in our basement. It's the original back door to the house. Jon scraped off all the peeling paint and we frosted the glass, for privacy. This door is our stand against the mass-produced conventionality of modern house building.

This is what replaced the demolished area shown in the first picture. (It had been an unfinished porch.)

We are finally, finally almost done with this project. All that remains is a little trim. For the first time in two years, we have two fully functioning bathrooms. It seems like unimaginable luxury to take a shower in a clean space, with a real door, to have two toilets, to have two sinks downstairs.


  1. WOW!!! Everything you've done is so nice, but I think the reuse of the old door AND the barn hardware is my favorite part.

  2. Indeed, that barn door is awesome.

  3. Jen sent me over to look at some pictures.
    And then I saw.....Land of Pottery Barn??!! I work there. I'll be back to see what you think about it.

  4. Little Miss Sunshine, that Pottery Barn entry is own that's been brewing in my head for a while. I'll get going on it! :)

  5. Your house is beautiful. You are so brave to take on all those projects. I love that bathroom floor! Very impressive.

  6. So cool. :) I love seeing Belmont renovations, especially when they have such awesome character!