Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bunny's usefulness in the garden

I decided to do a little weeding the other day. I almost never do any gardening in the summer, but I figured a little weeding is better than no weeding. This time of year, my garden looks OK from a distance, but does not bear close scrutiny, and it gradually looks worse and worse as the summer progresses. We had a party recently and one of the guests was a gardener for UVA. She quickly scanned my garden's state of fabulous neglect, spotted one of the few decent plants--a magnificent hydrangea--and said scornfully, "And I bet all you do is breathe on it." Breathe on it? We don't even do that much.

So, in my tiny weeding adventure, I was surprised to find that things are not as bad as I thought. A flourishing nicotiana plant has appeared, perhaps seeded from a neighbor's garden. I certainly didn't put it there, but it was a nice surprise. The hollyhocks I planted are dead, but the Joe Pye weed is flowering, although stunted. The dianthus I planted is doing well, and when I noticed a small pink flower poking up from under a tangle of trumpet vine I realized that the rose bush I planted, watered a few times, and then forgot, is not only alive, but producing roses. Not particularly showy roses, but roses nonetheless. I pulled up the trumpet vine and couldn't believe how fresh and green my little rose bush looked. It, and the dianthus are the best-looking things in the garden right now, and I realized that what these two plants have in common is that as an experiment, I fertilized them with bunny droppings when I transplanted them.

Back when we got our bunny, a friend told me that bunny droppings make great fertilizer, and every time my kids cleaned the cage and threw the droppings away, I'd regret the waste, but console myself with the fact that there is plenty more where that came from.

I think I am going to start collecting bunny droppings in earnest.


  1. I love a happy surprise while weeding! How nice that bunny helps you out this way:)

  2. "I think I'm going to start collecting bunny droppings in earnest."

    Best line from a blog post I've heard in a good, long time. It also sounds like a promising opening line for a short story.