Saturday, July 05, 2008

In which I coin a term

We frequently drink at Beer Run and were excited to have a relaxed neighborhood bar in Belmont. But then I realized that some people consider Beer Run to be in Woolen Mills and not Belmont at all. My favorite Belmont Bar in Woolen Mills? How can this be? It seems so Belmont-like. And yet, Belmont officially ends at the railroad tracks, and Beer Run sits on the Woolen Mills side of the tracks.

Last night, after the fireworks, dropping off a friend at his house on Chesapeake St. in Woolen Mills and driving over the tracks into Belmont, I thought about that little strip of neighborhood between the train tracks and Market St. and it came to me that henceforth it shall be called "Woolmont."

No need to thank me.


  1. Way to coin a term, lady! Glad to know the Beer Run tradition is alive and well in places other than Wisconsin.

  2. LOL! Seems like a sensible suggestion!

  3. dear Patience C-
    the City considers Beer Run to be firmly ensconced in the Martha Jefferson neighborhood.

  4. Emory--The Martha Jefferson neighborhood? That is a surprise.