Wednesday, August 20, 2008

C'ville city schools: bite me

The first day of school was a rousing success, I must say. A success at getting me worked up into a tower of rage. Miss G, who is starting 7th grade at Buford came home crying about the mean kids in her health class. What is up with the way Buford groups kids for health and gym? But I won't go there. And her math teacher starts the year off by saying, "Tomorrow you have a test, and if you don't do well on it, you'll be taken out of pre-algebra and put in a lower math group." Nice. Is that what you learn in education classes? To scare the crap out of your kids? How about saying, "Tomorrow you have a test so I can assess where you all are at this moment."

Drama Queen came home annoyed about the problem I already heard parents grumbling about at the open house: they reduced the number of honors classes at CHS so that the honors classes are ridiculously crowded. Whose decision was that? But I don't want to risk angering the middle class guilt crowd. God forbid.

I am so happy that at least Mad Scientist is no longer in the city schools.


  1. I hope you consider running for school board...
    ITs not funny I know, and there seems like nothing one can do about it. Sorry for that bummer first day.

  2. Your poor daughter! I hope this is just an ugly start and the year turns out to be the best EVER. Sometimes (not right, I realize, but it happens) a teacher acts tough to start and ends up being quite nice after 'scaring a class straight.' I do hope this is the case.

  3. Ugh. I've been so frustrated lately because it seems clear to me that Central Office does not value the Quest program and (in the high school) honors classes. In the past year, I've asked three different Central Office staffers (including Rosa Atkins) what programs are in the works for Quest and honors students and there are NONE. NONE. Plenty of stuff for remedial students, but nothing for other students. I know they're trying to close the achievement gap, but doing so by focusing on the struggling students and doing nothing for the successful ones is NOT the way to go.

    *grumble grumble rant rant*

    And this is just one of several reason why I love what you're doing with Mad Scientist and wonder if we'll eventually take the same route.

  4. Jennifer--me on the school board! Now that is funny.
    Jen on edge--I totally hear you. Taking services away from honors kids is not going to close the achievement gap. It's an effing crime that kids who *want* to learn are neglected. And I'm not saying it's OK to neglect kids who struggle, but I feel the general attitude it that if your kid is smart you have nothing to complain about and all the privilege he's been born to will carry him through, but the public schools have no place making that judgment. They must provide ALL children with an education appropriate to their needs.

  5. Right there with you. Our district completely did away with advanced courses for sixth graders except for Math right as my Middle Child heads into middle school. The idiots.