Monday, September 08, 2008

Back to N school

Nursing school started two weeks ago. My life has returned to the school year routine. I will live quietly and virtuously. I will be unable to think of the future beyond tomorrow, or the end of the week, at the most. I will perform only the most essential household chores. At the end of September, after the first test is over, I will feel a surge of confidence and think that maybe I can get through this after all. Toward the end of October, I will burst into tears, throw my textbooks into a corner and watch 14 straight episodes of Trailer Park Boys. By the end of November, I will be almost too exhausted to function.

Last week we took the big math test on which you have to get 90% or get kicked out of nursing school. We do this test every semester. I got a 100% and I'm glad I don't have to worry about it until next semester.

I'll be going to Western State once a week for my psych clinical. We had a tour last week and were told, rather ominously, "If your patient tells you to meet him by the pines, don't go." I will be on a locked unit, so chances are we won't have access to the pines. We were all given keys so we can get in and out of the units, and my group had to have special swipe cards made as well. My psych center ID photo is better than my license photo and a lot better than my passport photo.

Then I'll be at Martha Jefferson Hospital one day a week on a cardiac floor. We spent the last two weeks familiarizing ourselves with their computer charting system. I've done all my other clinicals at UVA. This will be my first week there with a real patient to take care of. I hope I don't see anyone I know. Martha Jefferson is the hospital where the People One Knows go. I rarely see anyone I know at UVA, as far as patients go.

Then there's lecture two days a week as well, plus one day for writing up all the clinical preparation.


  1. So that we can calculate drug dosages without killing our patients. Things like, the doctor orders 1600 units of heparin per hour, you have a 500mL bag with 25,000 units of heparin, what rate do you set the infusion pump to? Or, if you don't have a pump and your tubing is 20 drops/minute, how many drops per minute do you set your IV to?

  2. I'm exhausted just reading about this. Good luck and godspeed. I have more respect than I did before for nurses.

  3. Patience, I'm glad it's you and not me. Before you started Nursing School I thought, hey *I* could do that. Now I know better. I think you deserve to eat some Real Cheese now.

  4. Gosh. I am just in awe . . . absolute awe . . .

    And, will want to hear more about Western State . . .

  5. All that yucky math makes my skin crawl. Your schedule screams for a nap and a pint of cookie dough ice cream.

  6. All that yucky math makes my skin crawl. Your schedule screams for a nap and a pint of cookie dough ice cream.

  7. 100%--that's awesome!

    Good luck with school!