Monday, October 13, 2008


After class today I bought a new pair of jeans. This is a major undertaking, as I'm sure my female readers will appreciate. I decided not to mess around and went straight to the boutique that is known in Charlottesville for its jeans. And by some glorious wonder, the stars were in alignment, I was chock full of good karma, or whatever, the very pair of jeans that I liked best also happened to be on sale. And I wasn't bargain hunting, because where the perfect pair of jeans is concerned, you can't skimp.

I bought a pair with a higher rise. Not mom jeans! Please don't ever picture me in mom jeans. I mean I bought a pair that I can sit down in without exposing my entire buttocks. I flatter myself, possibly, but I think I was the first person to recognize that low waistbands are flattering. I was tugging my waistbands down around my hips back in the '80s, when mom jeans reigned supreme. I would buy boys jeans at the Gap, too large so they'd ride low, and I probably looked sloppy, but at least no picture of a teenage me in mom jeans will ever surface to embarrass me.

So, fit is important, where jeans are concerned, obviously, but color is equally important. I rejected one pair that fit well, but was too dark. Super dark denim looks good on some people, but not on me. I guess this is because I am a product of my generation, when faded jeans were cool, and dark denim said, "My mom buys my clothes at Sears." Too light, on the other hand, is catastrophic. There's nothing like looking like your body is supported by twin beached whales.

Anyway, mission accomplished. One pair of well-fitting, medium, darkish blue jeans, marked down by 75%.


  1. This reminds me . . . I need a new pair of black jeans.

    We have a boutique known for jeans? I generally avoid buying things at "boutiques" unless I want funky velvet sunglasses.

  2. Judy B. on Millmont St. has a large jean selection.

  3. I've never shopped for jeans there, but now I'm thinking I should. Congrats on finding the perfect pair!