Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nuisance calls from campaign workers

I'm all down with Obama, was routing for him over Hilary Clinton in the primaries, will vote for him on Election Day, etc like a good Charlottesvillian. Would it be mean-spirited of me to complain about how utterly disorganized the Charlottesville HQ of the Obama campaign is? I know we can't hold a candidate accountable for the actions of his campaign volunteers, but these people are seriously getting on my nerves.

It started several weeks ago when a woman, volunteering for Obama stopped by my house to find out how we were going to vote. She asked for me by name, then my husband, and then she asked about my nephew Ben, who lived with us for six months back in 2001, but has since moved back to New York. I explained that he'd moved to NY, and she said, "I'll just cross him off my list then, so we don't ask about him again."

About a week later, the exact same thing happened, right down to the campaign worker saying she'd remove Ben's name from the list. Since then, we've gotten more and more visits and calls, from Obama people all focused on my nephew. The Charlottesville Obama headquarters is apparently frantic to know how he will vote. All our protestations that he hasn't even lived in Virginia for at least six years are to no avail. Maybe next time I will just say he is voting for McCain and then they will stop calling.


  1. I've gotten mail, phone calls, and visitors from both parties. For some reason, the McCain people think I'm on their team, which is both amusing and annoying. What is it about me that makes them think I'll vote for their guy? Is it the minivan or the fact that I have my daughter signed up for gymnastics? (I have some theories going right now about gymnastics families.)

  2. That is crazy--and annoying--and in a world with computer databases, NOT necessary!

  3. The McCain people have been calling me EVERY day for weeks. The Obama people keep stopping by.

    My guess is that McCain's camp thinks I'm for them because years ago my ex joined the NRA for target shooting. Never mind that he's not a fan. And Obama's people must think I'm with them because of the Harper's magazine that, yes him again, my ex used to get here. He's not a fan of the Democrats either.

    Too bad the Libertarians are too busy counting their gold to contact me.

  4. Seriously. Campaign limits. I want to know how to vote for campaign limits of six to twelve weeks. Stop the year-long media blitz and general over-exposure of the candidates. And we're not even in a contested state.