Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rockin' elementary school

Jackson-Via elementary gets coolness points for having a live rock band at their PTO fundraiser last night. I don't know who the band was, but their performance added a certain je ne sais quoi to the typical school carnival. And Jackson-Via was the rockingest school at last weekend's Kid Pan Alley. My Mr. McP, along with the Jackson-Via Liberty Chorus, performed in seven out of eighteen numbers, (alongside real local musicians--this wasn't a kiddie show) and J-V was the only city elementary school to perform.

So the PTO fundraiser was fun, which I wasn't expecting, because in general I am allergic to PTO functions. A few years ago, I served as co-president of the Burnley-Moran PTO, and after that, made it a gift to myself to never, ever get involved with any PTO again as long as I live. Still, I felt a little guilty for strolling freely through the carnival and not manning a booth like all the other parents. But someone needs to attend these events, right? If everybody is working, what kind of event is it? I was in attendence, and as such, was doing my part. Or so I told myself.

I remember when Burnley-Moran did their big fundraiser carnival, in the weeks before the event we asked parents to donate unwanted stuffed animals, that could be used as prizes. This the parents did with alacrity, because most parents secretly hate stuffed animals. I know I happily got rid of loads of stuffed animals I never wanted to see again. But here is how this system fails: your kids go to the carnival and win lots of prizes and you come home with a car full of other people's unwanted stuffed animals. And the other parents go home with your unwanted stuffed animals, and the next year, everybody re-donates the same animals and the cycle begins anew.

That year I was co-president, Mr. McP won a carnival-quality stuffed bunny that was three times larger than himself. Not to mention all the other bunnies, dogs, bears and ducks we brought home that day, despite the fact that I stealthily took some of the more objectionable of my kids' prizes away and returned them to the game booths. It took two years for Mr. McP to get tired of that bunny and allow me to get rid of it.

Continuing with last week's theme about how expensive gas is in Charlottesville, compared to other parts of Virginia: My sister and her husband are in Richmond this weekend, and they told me they paid $2.94/gallon for gas there! WTF? Within state boundaries, I don't see any reason for such a price disparity. Yesterday, I noticed that gas at Stoney's--the closest gas station to my house--is selling for $3.88/gallon. Almost a dollar difference between cities in the same state, just 50 miles apart?


  1. Ah yes, the PTO carnival. Greenbrier's is next Friday -- the same night Elton John is coming to town. We got tix to the concert, so I won't be manning the facepainting booth or anything else.

  2. The band at Jackson Via was Surfzilla. My husband is the bass player :)