Monday, October 06, 2008

What to wear

I love clothes. One of the great conflicts of my life is not being able to adorn myself as I see fit, due to money constraints, and my plan for my very first paycheck as a nurse is to order absolutely everything I want from the anthropologie catalog.

Last year I complained that all the clothes were so ugly, there was nothing I wanted to buy. This is still the case, as far as Charlottesville chains are concerned. For the past year, I have not found a single thing at the Charlottesville Banana Republic that I consider wearable. The other chains are similarly ho-hum. J. Crew does a nice chino, but how many pairs of chinos can one woman own? Anthropologie is the bomb for pants. I bought these from them recently and they are fabulous.

And also this jacket, which I worry makes me look like Sarah Palin, although my friends assure me it doesn't. Drama Queen told me it is hideous, but she is fifteen, so do I really want her advice? It closes down the front with about 500 teeny-tiny hooks. I literally can not do them myself and I've nicknamed it my life-of-leisure jacket because I need a personal lady's maid to dress me on the days I wear it.

Meanwhile, I took my daughters out to buy a few things and was stunned by the ugliness of the clothes. And by the dearth of long-sleeved shirts. Why are there no long-sleeved shirts? The stores were loaded with totally inappropriate tank tops, and skimpy tee-shirts. There were turtlenecks at the Gap, which I thought were nice, but my girls assured me that nobody in Virginia wears turtlenecks. Why? I wear turtlenecks. I love turtlenecks. We left the mall without having bought a single shirt. I told the girls we'd look online, and we'll probably try Boden which has some nice things, but they are usually sold out of the very item you most want to buy.

Charlottesville has fun boutiques--my favorite is Eloise, but I also like Bittersweet, and Elsie's Garden. And Pearl for fabulous bags. It was a sad day for me when Dixie Divas had closed. Now where am I suppsed to buy a dress if I am invited to a wedding? Still, the boutiques are expensive, so I can usually buy just one or two things a year at them. My niece is coming to visit this weekend and I think I we will do the C'ville boutique tour because it's fun to look even if you aren't buying.

That is all. I feel guilty for my woe-is-me-nursing-school-is-so-hard post. It is hard, but surviving it does give you a powerful sense of accomplishment. And there's a reason for all that work: you need to know your meds, and analyzing your patient's meds each week is the best way to learn, since no pharm class could possibly teach all of them. And I used wonder why we weren't required to take pathophysiology, and now I realize it's because we teach it to ourselves, writing all those pathophysiology classes. They could, however, back down on the kicking people out of nursing school thing because that is what's really stressing me out.


  1. I find shopping in C'ville to be so difficult that I almost always shop online, even for my children.

    I love that jacket!

  2. Oooooh. I LOVE those pants. (Don't think I have the patience or the staff for the jacket.)

  3. Those are FAB pants. I am a t-neck girl, too. Jeans & turtlenecks from fall-winter. Jeans & short sleeve t-shirts from spring-summer. Bo-ring.

  4. Cute clothes! I wish I knew how to shop. I'm so clueless.

  5. I love Anthropologie, too. Sometimes they have great on-line sales . . . that is usually the only time I can afford them!!