Sunday, November 30, 2008


I meant to spend Thanksgiving weekend touching up my resume and applying for nursing jobs. Because now is the time to do this, if you are graduating in May. So I brought up the resume I created last fall, with intent to dust it off and add in my clinical experience, and I realized that my resume is really, really pathetic. Pitiful, really. Pitiful and pathetic.

How did I get to the age of 40 without ever having made a meaningful contribution to society? Unless you consider writing book reviews for the now-defunct East/West Books newsletter in Buffalo, NY to be a meaningful contribution. No? What about spending four years earning a degree with which I have done nothing other than select excellent books for myself at the library? Up to now, my life experience, as presented on my current resume is as inappropriate to a nursing job as if I had listed the following skills: Can parallel park a minivan in downtown Charlottesville. Can use 'milieu' in a sentence. Has well over 100 friends on Facebook.

Seriously, my resume is a catalog of what an insubstantial piece of fluff I have been my entire life.

But that sounds so self-pitying! With the nursing shortage I can probably get some sort of job so don't worry about me, but I do wish there was a less stark method than the resume of selling oneself to a future employer.


  1. and I am not one of your friends?
    not to be too dumb here, but isnt it not too difficult to get a nursing job? If not, lets talk soon. Where do you want to work?

  2. Fluff is incredibly important. Think of its power to insulate.

  3. I think you're probably selling yourself short. But really, Don't underestimate those talents! "Friendly!" "Educated!" "Detail oriented!"

  4. Did you remember to add, "brings pleasure to an odd assortment of readers throughout the country with my blog?" Be sure to include that one.

  5. See, this is why I avoid the whole resume thing. It's just not an accurate measure of my worth/experience. Or so I like to tell myself. Or rather, must tell myself.

    Good luck with the job hunt! I'd hire anyone you could use 'milieu' in a sentence.