Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hair before and after

So people want before/after pics. I'm kind of shy about posting pictures of myself here.

Hair before.

Hair after, although this picture doesn't do justice to it. The stylist must have removed five pounds of hair.

Here's Mr. McP on Halloween. This costume was a big hit wherever we went. Nearly everybody guessed (correctly) that he was Ben Franklin, although a few guessed George Washington, and two people wondered if he was Beethoven.


  1. Your hair looks terrific!

    And Mr. McP's costume is the best. I absolutely love it.

  2. That is one fantastic haircut! I'm very impressed.

    Too bad Mr. McP has that baldness thing going on. Ha!

  3. Your son AND your hair both look fabulous! I love that costume!

  4. The hair is cute!

    And your Ben Franklin is awesome. Best Halloween costume I've seen this year.

  5. Your hair is gorgeous!

    When we lived in DC, my husband commuted to work via metrorail. One day, a little kid asked if he was Ben Franklin.

    I threaten to make him wear knee breeches from time to time.

  6. oooh, I like the hair. Yours and Mr. Franklin's.