Monday, November 10, 2008

Seen in Charlottesville

Isn't it a beautiful day in C'ville today? I saw two things of interest while running errands after class this afternoon. First of all, the city posted a sign at the intersection of Market St. & 9th, reminding drivers that they must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. I think this sign is aimed at people on Market St. who are trying to turn right onto 9th. Yes, drivers, you have a green light, but so do the pedestrians crossing 9th St. at the same time. I'm glad the city is addressing the problem of drivers turning into crosswalks. Nothing pisses me off more than people who think that just because they are behind the wheel of a car, they are entitled to plow past pedestrians. For God's sakes, people: THE PEDESTRIAN HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY. In the last week at two separate times, I saw two women, one with small children, who were menaced by drivers while trying to cross streets downtown. Both these women were crossing the streets correctly and following rules related to pedestrian crossings. I'll say it again: THE PEDESTRIAN HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY, GODDAMMIT. I don't care how much you want to save Tibet or visualize whirled peas or love Mother Earth--if you ram your car at pedestrians, you are an asshole.

The other thing I saw is related to that obnoxious 1-800-GOTJUNK company. The signs they post all over town sure are obnoxious. I'm wondering if they have been cited for posting illegal signs, because it appears their new advertising ploy is to dress a guy in a jacket that advertises the company and have him stand at a busy street corner holding up a sign that says "GOT JUNK?" At least, that is what I saw at the corner of Market St. & Ridge/McIntire today.


  1. Seeing as I'm always telling my sons to "keep your hands off your junk," I'd probably howl with laughter every time I saw a sign saying that!

    Sounds like C'ville is very driver-friendly but notsomuch about the walking. It's like that here, too.

  2. I have very few driving pet peeves, but not yielding to pedestrians is by far my biggest. It absolutely drives me crazy. We have one of those outdoor malls, and they finally had to raise the crosswalks. They are like huge speed bumps now, and it seems to be working. I guess you can't do that in the middle of a city, though.

  3. I walk my kids to school most days and nearly every day there's some a**hole trying to get his "right turn on red" in before the crossing guards step out into the crosswalk. So many heart-palpitating close calls. Can't you just wait one minute, for crying out loud?!

    The guy with the sign is just standing there? He's not even spinning?