Sunday, November 09, 2008


The whole notion of "weekend" is somewhat angst-ified. At least, it is if you read certain periodicals, such as I do, that tell you that on the weekend you must pursue fun and relaxation with the same industry with which you pursue your paycheck during the week. If, by the end of Saturday, you haven't visited the farmer's market, browsed an antique shop, taken a long hike or bike ride, handcrafted a birdhouse or a decorative wreathe, and lovingly prepared a hot stew and homemade cupcakes then what the hell is the matter with you? Sundays are supposed to be for sleeping in or lazing around with the newspaper, but I've noticed an awful lot of bustle in the streets on Sundays, long before I have managed to change out of my pajamas. If you haven't braved the line at the bagel shop by 11:00am then you are a Loser. Our chief entertainment on Sunday mornings is to watch the men who've just been released from the drunk tank struggle up the hill back into town.

Actually, I did make it to Bodo's Bagels this morning, by 9:30, even, when the line, while long, doesn't extend out the door. Usually, I don't mind standing in line at Bodo's because it is always a good opportunity for people watching, and everybody is cheerful because they know they're about to get bagels. Today, however I stood directly behind a woman with two small children, which ordinarily would not be a problem, except that every time the woman moved up in line, she wouldn't check to see that her children were following her, and the fact is, they weren't following her, so there was often a long gap, at the beginning of which was the woman, and at the end, her children with me standing directly behind them trying to assume an unconcerned facial expression when in acuality I was really irritated with this woman for not paying attention. I worried that the people behind me expected me to do something about the situation (like what? give the kids a gentle shove?) or even worse, that the people behind me thought that these two children were mine and that I was at fault for the long line gap. In the end, the older kid, who was all of three, would notice periodically that his mother was far ahead of him and remind his little brother, who was probably two, to catch up, and the line would once again move forward, and the mother was completely oblivious the entire time.

Anyway. For us this weekend, the weather was fine and my children spent much of their time engaged in wholesome outdoor activity with other kids in the neighborhood--they took our rakes to the little park across the street and raked up the mother of all leaf piles to jump in. It was unfortunate that Jon had to work this weekend but I am used to that.

How was everybody's weekend?


  1. Our weekend was full, but not in a bad way. I cleaned the house yesterday, then packed boxes (some for the move and some for Goodwill). I did get in a long nap yesterday afternoon, which was wonderful.

    Today was less fun, but also not terrible. I went to the new house and puttered around in the garden. Then, I spent a couple of hours picking up boxes from various Freecycle folks. Since then, I've been sewing and enjoying the last few hours of the weekend.

  2. Yesterday I baked cookies, did laundry and caught up on all the blogs I can't read while visiting my Mom in Dial-up Internet Land.Then I watched the Kristi Yamaguchi sakting show on TV.

    Today I worked a half shift and read the paper. My husband works every Sat and every other Sun. It's been this way for 30 years, so I'm also used to it.

  3. There is all kinds of pressure to make the weekend idyllic. We always fall short, but I've become okay with that. Getting to church and back seems like enough sometimes;)

  4. I do pretty much the same things on the weekends as I do during the week, except we eat out more (i.e, too much).