Friday, December 12, 2008


It's high time I did a George post. Because isn't the entire world panting to know the doings of George-the-bunny?

We gave him a birthday party back in July, when he turned two. Drama Queen baked him unsweetened carrot and banana cupcakes.

He did not like them and being in an unfamiliar area of the house stressed him out, and he tried to escape back to his own room, just as quickly as he could.

Birthday crown for the birthday bunny.

He is such a funny bunny. He will sometimes fall in love with the children's stuffed animals. But here's the thing: the only animals that are the recipients of his vigorous attentions are the stuffed bunnies! He never goes after the stuffed dogs or bears or ducks. How does he know the stuffed bunnies are the correct species? Is it the ears? We usually keep the stuffed bunnies out of his reach, so as not to distress them.

Bunnies really do like carrots. Note the paw resting on Drama Queen's nose.

One day, Drama Queen took a bite of George's carrot, to see what he would do. He reacted immediately and vociferously. First he took small bites of the carrot and emphatically spit them out over the carpet. Then he angrily rubbed his chin all up and down the carrot. This is how bunny's claim ownership of things.

He likes to look out the window.

Being a child's pet means putting up with some indignities.

Here he is scrubbing his face of the indignity of the bow.


  1. George the Bunny is the cutest bunny EVER. I'll bet all of Cville could hear the squeals coming from my house when we saw the photos.

  2. He is too darn adorable--my son loves him too! Such pretty color in his fur.

  3. That is such a beautiful bunny, he hardly seems real.


    I had the same thought as my sister. He almost doesn't seem real.

  5. We have two guinea pigs, but they're not nearly so cute as George.

  6. I LOVE your bunny. We had a house bunny for 3 years. He was Chip, because he was the color of chocolate. Mine was a mini-lop. George looks HUGE!