Saturday, February 07, 2009

Taking a break

I think I am going to take a brief sabbatical from the internets. School is insanely busy and there's all kinds of craziness at home now too. For example, now is the time for applications for AP classes and Drama Queen is freaking out and needs my help with her essays. Like I have time to help her formulate an essay about who had a greater influence on modern Europe: Napoleon or Marx? She's planning on AP history, AP English and AP art (because she will probably major in art in college.) She's going into her junior year. They have a different AP English and history for seniors plus she'll probably take AP calculus and maybe an AP science when she's a senior. I would say the hell with AP history and its admission essays, but Charlottesville High School has idiotically eliminated honors history from the curriculum for juniors, so if she doesn't take AP, she'd be lumped with the "advanced" group, who have in turn been mixed with the "general" group which means if she doesn't get into AP, she might as well not take history at all. I am heartily sick of the intense anxiety that comes of trying to help your child's chances of getting into a good college.

My first real clinicals are this week and I am freaking out with nervousness about it. I need to do a lot more preparation because I have never before taken care of sick children or women in labor/post-partum. The drugs are different, the assessments are different, I may have to do procedures I haven't tried since skills lab a year ago.

Dear readers, take care and I will start writing again in a few weeks when my life is back in control.


  1. Don't forget to breathe.

    Good luck with school, you'll be fine. See you when you get back here.

  2. Good luck! You DO have a lot on your plate--I'll stay tuned!

  3. You'll be missed. Good luck with everything. Your clinicals are going to go awesomely. AWEsomely!