Saturday, April 04, 2009


I spent a desultory hour poking around in some boutiques, ostensibly looking for a graduation dress (a graduation dress!) but not finding much that I liked. The perfect dress eludes me. My requirements are strict. The perfect dress must:

1. Cover my knees, or stop no more than one inch above them, but not be so long as to be dowdy.
2. Be made of a fabric that is neither stiff and shiny nor knit and clingy.
3. Not look like lingerie.
4. Not be one solid color (boring).
5. Not be a crazy print.
6. Not require a belt that I must buy separately.

I did buy a blouse. A silk blouse. A violet silk blouse. Remember that scene in Little Women--the second half of Little Women--in which Meg is out shopping with her friend Sallie Gardiner Moffat and doesn't want to appear poor in front of Sallie, so she buys enough violet silk to make a dress, only John Brooke, her husband with the sad brown eyes, is disappointed in her for spending so much. Then he nobly sacrifices his own winter coat (coals of fire!) so that Meg can have her dress, and then weeks later, Meg says she has finished the dress and does he want to see her in it and comes down wearing a new coat for John? And then nine months later they have twins? Remember that scene? Well my blouse is the exact shade of violet I always imagined Meg's violet silk to be. The style is vaguely Edwardian, vaguely Regency and vaguely classic Greek.

It would look perfect with a pair of white matchstick cropped jeans, which every woman should own because they are classic and Jackie Kennedy wore them. I tried on a pair of perfect Jackie Kennedy white cropped matchstick jeans, but they were not flattering--think porpoise squeezed into---OMG, in searching online for an apt metaphor I found a blog entry called "white pants suck." Rock on. And yet, the girl at the boutique looked really cute in her white pants.

Now I need to find a graduation dress *and* a pair of pants.


  1. I never find what I want when I'm looking for it. When I'm shopping for clothes that is. And I TOTALLY know the color of your new blouse. I love your reference point.

  2. I so can not pull off the white pants. Good luck finding your dress. I found a dress at Target a couple weeks ago for a wedding, but it was both a solid color and clingy-ish knit, so it would not suit your particular needs. It's cute, though. I'd like to see a picture of the violet silk blouse.