Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Big news: I found my go-to shoe for Rome. This was a big job, as I had to find a shoe that is at least semi-stylish and yet comfortable for walking.

I discussed the whole Rome wardrobe problem with my fashionista sister and she said I should just wear sundresses and flip flops every day, but then I heard that flip flops are not quite right for Rome. And flip flops are not the greatest for walking, although last summer I walked about 20 miles (no exaggeration) in them all over Washington, DC. Sneakers are comfortable, but when Romans see you wearing them--even nice sneakers-- they wonder if you've just been running through the woods or running from the cops, or working on a farm.

I seriously considered these sporty Mary Janes, but realized they'd probably look best at an Indigo Girls concert and with unshaven legs.

I have settled on these fun clogs. They are comfortable and look good with dresses and cropped pants.

Q: But Patience, you're going to be walking all over Rome in wooden shoes. Are you sure that's wise?

A: I hear what you are saying, and I appreciate your concern, but these shoes are made in Sweden! And I love them! What is it about the Swedes that makes them design things that are so clunky and yet so loveable. Things like the Volvo 240 (the old-fashioned boxy Volvos with the huge headlights) and these shoes.

At least I know not to walk around Rome like this:


  1. I don't know - you better give those clogs a good test run/walk before leaving for Rome!
    And, HEY, I LIKE those Mary Janes! I almost bought some last summer and the only reason I did not was... I didn't need them. I already had some MaryJane like shoes ;) But I still like them.

    Then again... I also like Indigo Girls and have seen them in concert. I DO shave my legs, though, thank you very much.

  2. The clogs look great. Are they by Dansko?

  3. i've had great luck with dansko sandals and clogs. they are so comfortable and last forever.

  4. Tiff, I've been wearing them for days and they feel great. '
    Jen, they're not Dansko, but from a company called August 15th.

  5. I have those Mary Janes! They're not as unshaven-leggy in black (I hope... ha) I got them for my Scotland trip last summer, and they were great. I ran through SFO airport in them, and managed to get us all our tickets right before they locked us out of the flight, so I say: success! ;)

  6. The first ones are wicked cute, but I see what you mean. The second pair is MUCH more stylish. Not that any American woman has a prayer of not looking like schlub next to our European counterparts. Just sayin.

  7. Those look comfy! And you will need comfy shoes for the amount of walking you'll do there. Check out Privos when you get a chance. I purchased a pair last year and they have been the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned. I got them from Eddie Bauer. When do you leave?

  8. Ps.. this is Rose_knows from the other site lol

  9. Cute clogs! Much cuter than the IG MJs.

    Nice choice.

    Oh, and it's just been within the past couple of years that I've been able to convince my husband that socks/sandals are practically an unpardonable sin. I think I threatened to withhold sex.

  10. Is your name really Patience? I have a daughter named Patience and we've yet to meet another one. Your blog caught my eye because someone mentioned Patience Crabstick to me when we named her, some literary figure. Hmm.

    IN other news, I totally used to have those clogs (some 10 yearsa ago) and I love love loved them.

  11. Mandy, My name isn't really Patience. I wanted a literary name for my blog username, and Patience Crabstick is a minor character in Anthony Trollope's novel _The Eustace Diamond_. Trollope is one of my favorite authors, and I liked the sound of the name.

  12. First, flip flops are a big no-no in Rome, because your feet will get filthy. You need to be up off the street a little and have some coverage so those shoes you got should be perfect.

    Second, this is quite topical for me as I'm going to England and have been desperately searching for the fabled cute/sexy/comfortable shoes. I just got a pair today I think might fit the bill.

    Third, yes the Germans look ridiculous in the Birkenstock/sock combo, but I bet they have the most comfortable feet of all. I'm just not willing to go that far no matter how comfortable.