Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Domestic chaos

The current chaos of my domestic environment can not be exaggerated. The project to sister-in-law proof my house is well under way. That's a good thing, right? Yes, except I ordered a new bed for myself and Jon, with the plan to give my old bed to my daughters, and in anticipation of that, and since they were painting their bedroom anyway, I took down their horrible old bunk bed, which is now stacked in the grass on the side of the house until such time as I schedule a large trash pick-up, which ordinarily I would do immediately, only the mattress situation is complicated and I want to wait until I know for sure how many mattresses, if any, we will be throwing away and in order to know that I need my new bed, for which I've been waiting for over two weeks, and also possibly to drive to Ikea and buy a new bunk bed for the boys.

So the girls are sleeping on two twin futon mattresses that are on the floor of their room, which isn't all that chaotic except that our house has become overrun with fleas and the exterminator is coming tomorrow which means we have to take everything up off all the floors of the entire house. Not only that, I've been painting the living room, because of the sister-in-law visit, so a lot of stuff that ordinarily wouldn't be on the floor is on the floor, such as all the books from the bookcase. When you consider that I have pretty much devoted my life to having a minimum of possessions, there is a lot of stuff on our floors. I tend to shove things in the tiny space between furniture and walls and I'm finding all sorts of things--bits of woodwork trim, a flag pole, an exercise mat, roles of wrapping paper, a sawzall, and many other things that need to be stacked somewhere off the floor, not to mention the smaller pieces of furniture like chairs and the printer stand.

Then there's the whole issue of what to do during the de-fleaing, because we, and our pets, have to be out of the house for three hours. And the new bed, which I was assured would come either today or tomorrow, will most certainly come tomorrow, since it's already 3:10pm and I haven't seen it, and you have to admit that a major furniture delivery in the middle of a flea bombing is not the best timing.

Possibly most problematic of all is what to do with the bunny while we are out of the house. The dogs, at least can stay in the yard, although they will certainly bark at the mailman and attack the exterminator's truck, and possibly frighten the bed delivery people. But wherever we go, we have to take the bunny with us, although we do not have a suitable carrier. I imagine spending the three hours posing the bunny in improbable spots, like propped up at a laptop in a coffee shop, but Jon will probably want to do something boring like shop for mattresses. And anyway, George would probably not be welcome in coffee shops, due to the fact that he isn't exactly house trained. He does use a litter box, but you can't walk into a coffee shop, or any public place, with a bunny in one arm and his litter box in the other. My brother suggested we set up a pat the bunny stand in the park, but I don't think George would like that very much.

For those of you who are not my friends on facebook (and if not, why not?) I can announce that I passed the NCLEX exam and am now a registered nurse in the state of Virginia. My nursing license arrived in the mail yesterday, although I found out I passed a few days earlier, online. Now I have to find a job, although I seem to be suffering from inertia as far as job-hunting goes. I don't think I can handle a round of interviews and rejections in an ever widening circle of rural hospitals--at least that is how I picture the job hunt going.


  1. I have a large vari-kennel. Probably too large to reasonably transport your bunny in (we have a standard poodle) and it will be too hot for bun to stay outside tomorrow, I imagine.

    But if you're going to go sit in the shade and don't have a box/carrier for the bunny, you can borrow it for the day. I'll have to find someplace to pile all the stuff currently piled on top of it. ;)

  2. Congrats, Nurse Crabstick!

    And good luck with finding a job and all that other crap.

    FB friends? I don't even know your real name!

  3. officially incorporating the verb 'sister-in-law' into my vocabulary, as well . . .

    yay on the nursing front!!

  4. Jocelyn, thanks! We decided the carry the bunny in his cage to our neighbor's yard and let him romp on the grass there.

  5. Why am I not your facebook friend?
    How do I find you?

  6. Oh, wow. Congrats on your test. Good luck with the rest.

  7. Congratulations on passing your test! You can come over during the extermination, but I expect you to give me free medical advice and illegal pharmaceuticals.