Sunday, October 18, 2009

For lack of anything else

I am eating a meatloaf sandwich. The only excuse for meatloaf, really, is that its leftovers can be consumed in sandwiches, with lots of mayonnaise.

Later, I will go running. I've been running the same route through downtown Charlottesville for the past ten years, only recently I've been running a mountain trail once a week. It's a trail that starts at the foot of Monticello, and ascends, gently but relentlessly--350 feet-- for two miles to the Monticello Visitor's Center parking lot. Then you get to run the whole way back, downhill, but even running downhill takes a considerable amount of energy.

The trail is very crowded on weekends, because it was built for the use of adventurous tourists who might like to hike to Monticello instead of drive, and lots of local people use it for exercise too or take their out-of-town guests there. I prefer weekday mornings on the trail when the only other people you encounter are serious exercisers and everyone is courteous. On the weekend, many of the trail users seem to have agreed beforehand to waddle five abreast and turn to glare reproachfully at anyone who attempts to pass them. And if they're not waddling, they're sneering. What's it to you, oh Northface-clad People of the Mountain, if my running clothes are sloppy and not of the Best Brand Name?

Now that I am full of all this meatloaf, I will probably have a bad run, anyway.

People wanted to see my new boots and dress, so here they are.

I love the Donna Reed retro look of the dress but I don't have any occasion to wear it to. I'm sure one will present itself eventually. It's a bit too "notice me" for the grocery store.


  1. Both the boots and the dress are great!

    I really like that trail too and try to walk or bike it whenever an opportunity presents itself.

  2. Those are cute boots. The dress also. I think you should wear the dress for weekend running on the Monticello trail.

  3. I heart both the dress and the boots. As for the waddle/run crowd, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets a vibe off North Face people. They do seem arrogant, even when they're not running.