Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The Good:
  • My new Frye boots came today.
  • Retail therapy at Anthropologie this morning.
  • First paycheck last Friday
  • Am eager to get back to work and try again, despite new-nurse stress
  • Biking to work is going great
The Bad
  • Not as much time for writing
  • New-nurse stress
  • Drivers who don't want to share the road

The Ugly
  • There's not a lot that's ugly and certainly not my new Frye boots. Nor my new orange shirt dress.
That's it in a nutshell. My first week on the bike, I focused on riding in a straight line and not getting hit by a car. My second week, I felt more confident and worked on being speedy. I suppose the learning curve in nursing is similar, although it progresses more slowly. It's not like I didn't know it would be hard. I knew it would be hard, but it's still a big adjustment--not just to being a nurse, but to working full-time. School was a full-time occupation, but it was in short bursts of a few hours at a time, and I did much of my work at home. Being out of the house for twelve hours at a time is something you have to get used to. So far, the kids have really stepped up about getting themselves off to school, and helping around the house.

Then there's being a nurse itself, which can be crazy. I'm continually haunted by a fear that I've forgotten to do, or chart, something vital. Then again, it's never boring. The way I feel about nursing right now is the way I felt about climbing ladders when Jon broke his rib and I had to finish painting the house all by myself. I was terrified to climb the ladder, and yet each time I did it successfully, I wanted to do it again, and again, until by the end of the summer I was able to be three stories up, and feel OK. At the end of each work day, despite the stress, I feel that I want to return and try again.


  1. Good job - thanks for the update.

  2. I'm glad that things are going well and everything is falling into place.

    As for drivers not sharing the road, I've had enough near-misses around town that there are now a few spots that I won't go near. Or, if I do, I'll actually bike on the sidewalk, which I feel bad about doing. But, given the number of times I've almost been plowed down on Park Street alone, I'm not taking any chances.

  3. I love the ladder analogy.

  4. Good for you on conquering the daily grind! And biking!
    And so happy to hear you've added some perks--like the new boots:)

  5. Jen on the edge--I'm curious. Which spots around town do you find bad for bikers? I'm usually OK on West Main St, EXCEPT for Friday nights when everybody is out partying, and parking along the street and opening their doors without looking. Sometimes the intersection at Ridge & Main is a little scary.

  6. That's all pretty awesome.

    I'd like to see the boots.