Friday, November 13, 2009

She was so preppy was she?

Of the many irrational things I have done, encouraging Mr. McP to take up the bass is the one that is currently plaguing. The bass! What was I thinking? He is only big enough for a 1/4 size bass, but even so it takes up fully half of the back of my van. What we will do when he grows into a full size, I don't know. It towers over Drama Queen's full-size cello, and the bridge sticks out a mile. Luckily, he doesn't have to take it to school every day, since they keep one at school for him, but for rehearsals and concerts, he is expected to bring it. The other morning, we stood on the stage, attempting to unpack it, while the orchestra director looked on, and it must have been obvious that the bass spends most of its time at our house, standing in a corner, unplayed. It is so unwieldy that just getting it out of and back into its case is a project and a half, and Mr. McP's little armsare simply not strong enough to carry it.

Miss G, who plays the viola, was given first chair and a solo for her concert. I have been waiting for seven years for one of my kids to get first chair, and what happens? She arrived at class a little late, wasn't quite prepared to start playing when the director told them to, and for that, the director bumped her back to second chair and took away her solo. Thanks, Mr. Middle School Orchestra director. Thanks a lot.

Miss G and I have been scouring the city for black pants that she must wear to this now-ruined-for-us concert. Charlottesville generally sucks for shopping. There are nice boutiques, but when you need something basic like a pair of girl's black pants, size 0 long, you won't find them.
Gap: nothing.
J. Crew: nothing.
Belk: nothing.
Target: less than nothing.

I know a lot of people like Target, and maybe they do have nice housewares, but the clothes at Target are the most pathetic, shit-bag crap I have ever seen. Unwearable! In desperation, we went to J.C. Penny. It just never occurs to me to shop there, but I must say, their selection is far superior to Target's and we did, in fact, buy the very last pair of size 0 long girl's dress pants (black) in all Charlottesville. Sorry, other orchestra mothers who left their shopping too late. Next year, at least, she will get the concert dress provided by the high school and we won't have to do this again.

Speaking of shopping, Drama Queen needs winter boots. Would you like to see the boots she selected as appropriate for snow-and-ice wear?

Wait for it.

She really really really wants those tweedy clog boots. They cost $248. I finally persuaded her to accept something more sensible, but she is complaining that the boots we did buy are too preppy. When I was in high school, preppy was a good thing. I was so preppy, my collars impeded the range of motion in my neck. I was so preppy, I was virtually sexless. I was so preppy, I appeared to have a sock allergy. But today's teens follow a different path, apparently. How preppy were you?


  1. Those boots look like something you'd scavenge on Hoth, mostly by hacking the lower limbs off something more dead than you are at the moment and then cramming one's feet in. Seriously, those are stylin' right now? They look like shetland pony heads, only not.

    Sorry. I'm not so up on hip teen fashion. I like my boots black and warm and not made from thrift store sweaters that haven't sold for the last thirty years.

  2. Not one bit preppy as a teenager because I was already out of college when that trend started.
    But my best friend and I (at age 22)were all about popping the collars on our polo shirts when we were out in public

  3. Sort of, but not completely preppy.

    I have to confess that I would never have thought to shop around town for the pants because I hate shopping so very much. Instead, I do it mostly online so that it's somewhat less painful.

  4. Oddly, Penny's is always our last choice but practically always beats the other places when there's something we just can't find. I don't know why we don't go there earlier in our trips...

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  6. Jocelyn, that is hilarious. Shetland pony heads! I think they look vaguely embryonic.

  7. Those boots are horrible! I must be more preppy than I realize.
    Isn't that they way of shopping? As soon as you NEED something, you cannot FIND anything.

  8. I love the tweedy clog boots too. But they seem ridiculously overpriced.

    I went through a preppy phase in college. I can't remember if it was stylish to be preppy then or not. There's nothing like preppy clothing to make an androgynous stick figure even more androgynous and stick like! Not a flattering look for me. Fortunately, little photographic evidence survives.