Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Drug pusher, North Face hater

Mr. McP's timing, interviewing me about my job for a DARE project, a few minutes after I got home from a frustrating day at work, could have been better. You are familiar with DARE, no? The bullshit, proven-ineffective-by-research-so-why-are-we-still-teaching-it-in-the-schools anti-drug education program?
Here's how the interview went:

Mr. McP: What do you do at your job?
Me: I push narcotics.

I made sure he spelled "narcotics" correctly.  The DARE people can bit me. And it's true, I do push narcotics, push as in IV push.

Why does everybody--everybody--wear a North Face jacket? Am I missing something? To me, they are dull and devoid of style. I want no part of them. Do they offer super-warmth? Superpowers? Even the homeless woman in front of me in line at the post office today was wearing a North Face jacket.

I know I am being offensive, but just indulge me today.


  1. UVA students only shop at Nordstrom and Nordies sells The North Face, not Columbia or Patagonia. ;)

    This may help your mood:

  2. You can only be a true North Face lover if you own one jacket in each color, the better to coordinate with your pedicure and those stupid J crew ribbon flip flops.

  3. We all wear Lands' End, not North Face, here in my house.

    My girl didn't bring home the DARE project, for which I am relieved.

  4. I have never owned a North Face jacket. Do I get brownie points for that?

    Offensiveness is an occasionally necessary indulgence. For sanity's sake.

  5. No. You are just really funny in a cynical way. Our district doesn't do DARE. NOT complaining.