Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Their tongues were sharper than the chorizo

Isn't it curious how people who don't have children always know best how to raise them? I went to a party the other night, where these two women ganged up on me to such an extent that I was tempted to fake a headache and go home.

I was going to write out my theory about why these women don't like me, but it is a tedious tale. Suffice it to say that despite what you may have heard in the popular media, it is possible to be Catholic and accepting of homosexuals. Anyway, my theory was validated when one of the women made a snipe about how I probably "make" Jon go to mass, (which I don't).

I had hardly got my coat off before it started: One of the women started a discussion of the deficiencies of the people from ""upstate." (New York) She once had to wait in a hospital waiting room in Albany and there were toothless people! And once she drove across New York State and the poverty was UNBELIEVABLE. And there are reputed to be upstate people who are politically CONSERVATIVE, if you can believe it. So unlike Manhattan. (I am from "upstate.")

Then we talked about nursing, in which the one woman, a nurse, explained to her partner about how her patients are "sick as shit" but by the time they get to the floor, well, I mean, really, floor nursing? Ew. What's the point of even caring for someone who is only acutely ill rather than critically ill? (I am a floor nurse.)

Next came the requisite "How are the kids?" And so we got onto the topic of Mad Scientist and his college plans. I mentioned that University of Virginia is his first choice and that Mad had said he'd prefer to live at home if he goes there. They started moaning about how will he ever grow up, he simply has to move out, no college-bound child should live with his parents, he NEEDS to get away from me. One of the women looked at me earnestly and said, "You really need to talk to him." Well, thank you, kind ladies, thank you very much indeed for being so sure in your knowledge of the needs of a boy YOU HAVE NEVER MET, and for not hesitating to share your opinions with me. I realize that "going away" to college and living in the dorms are the social norm, but plenty of kids commute to college from home and somehow manage to become independent, productive adults. If Mad Scientist chooses to move out, then he is welcome to do so, but I am not about to kick him out of the house against his will. Not at age 17, anyway.

That was the point at which I contemplated playing hooky from the party, but there didn't seem to be a way to make a graceful exit without appearing to be petulant, so I drank more wine and sought a different conversation.


  1. They sound like a couple of bitches. What a shame that they ruined the party.

  2. All I can say is wow. Up until this point I have done exactly what you did in this case - grin and bear it, but now that I'm about to turn 46, I think I'm pretty much done with that. I'm going to practice a handful of all purpose comeback lines to have at the ready for rude people like that.

    My word verification is surse. I'm not sure if that is the all important critical care surse or just the lowly floor surse.

  3. How horrid. I think you need to resolve to AVOID negative people like them! I did that a year ago and it is SO nice not to endure that kind of crap. Thank goodness there was wine handy!

  4. Wow. Just wow. Was one of these ladies the hostess of the party, or was the hostess neglecting her job?

  5. Good for you for holding your own tongue. Although, I would love to hear the story of you telling off the benches.

  6. Ugh. Was this party in Cville? If so, why don't they just go live in Manhattan if they love it so much? Charlottesville has plenty of toothless people, and poverty. And even CONSERVATIVES.