Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mortgage screw up part II

Thanks for all the helpful and supportive comments about our mortgage problems. I'm not sure if the problem is fixed or not. The good news is that when I logged into our mortgage account, I saw evidence that someone had done something on January 15th--it looked like a subtraction of our payments from December and January, but when I clicked on the transaction for details, it looks like the appropriate amounts have been applied to our principle and interest. Also good, I got an response to my email and was told that our payments have been credited appropriately. But, the email informed me, our payments had been accidentally mailed to the escrow department and she reminded me of the correct payment address. Well, that would be relevant if I actually did mail my payments, but I've been paying my mortgage electronically for over a year. But that is neither here nor there.

The bad news is that today I got a registered letter from the mortgage company saying that our house is now in foreclosure and that we must send a certified payment immediately. Fucking foreclosure. The letter is dated January 15th, the same day someone supposedly fixed our problem. Of course we called right away, and were assured that the house is NOT in foreclosure, that our payments are fine, that we are again customers in good standing.

I didn't realize foreclosure happened so rapidly. I always imagined it was something that got dragged out over months of nonpayment. The first notice we got of there being any problem was at the end of December and now, just three weeks later they say we're in foreclosure? Is that crazy? I feel like the world is coming to an end. What next? Will they show up with a U-haul and turn us out into the street? When THEIR OWN RECORDS show that we payed?

The other problem is that these asshats (the company is PHH Mortgage, btw) have the wrong social security number for me. How that happened, and how it just came to light now, when we've had a mortgage with this company since 2001, is a mystery to me, but what it means now is that only Jon can call them because they refuse to talk to me because when I give them the last four digits of my SS number, they tell me it doesn't match and now I have to go to the social security office and get a form proving my correct SS number and fax that to them.


  1. First of all this your last four don't match drives me crazy. Next time give them hubby's last four and if they question you act extremely offended that they think you sound like a girl.

    Secondly, I would send them a certified letter pointing out that this was THEIR fault not yours, enclosing all documentation of your past electronic payments. Don't let them try to put this off on you.

  2. That's just crazy. I'll say it again: How Aggravating!

  3. PHH Mortgage is a servicer; you need to find out from them who the INVESTOR is on your loan (AKA the entity who actually owns your loan). It's the owner of the loan you need to rain the holy hell fire upon, who will, in turn, bring the noise and the funk on PHH, the investor's customer. Call PHH, ask them the name of your loan's investor, and let the Secular Life Guide know so he/she can point you to the correct regulator for filing a complaint.

  4. Cat, that's a good idea about the certified letter. I'm doing that this morning.

    Secular Life Guide--I will find out who the investor is. *Smooch*

  5. Wow, that IS fast. I feel so bad for you--frustrating and an insulting waste of time when you've been doing what you're supposed to do. GAH!