Sunday, February 07, 2010

The importance of Chinese restaurants

We weathered the storm in comfort, although I have heard that there are many households in an around Charlottesville without power. Our power almost never goes out--something to do with our proximity to the University Hospital, and when it does go out, we're among the first to get it back. Still, when I was doing my Wii Fit workout yesterday, the power kept flickering, which was enough each time to turn off the Wii and force me to start my workout from scratch which was most annoying, particularly because I felt I had done an exceptionally fine Sun Salutation and never got to see my score.

Jon and I engaged in the sort of bickering that snowed-in couples do. For some reason I found his devotion to shoveling the driveway insufferable. It's a wasted effort, I said. You're going to hurt your back, I said. You're going to bitch about "I spent my whole day off SHOVELING," I said. Our driveway is so steep that we always park the car in the street during snow storms. So who cares about the driveway? Jon growled about wanting to get the car down into the driveway sometime before Easter. I think it's romantic to load the groceries onto a sled and slide them down the hill to the house. Whatever, I lost that argument and the driveway is more or less shoveled, but not clear enough to risk taking the car down.

In the evening, a crowd of our friends, just off their shift in the ER, stopped by. Now I had five hungry guests and we had just eaten the last fish stick. There was lots of beer, fortunately, and we discovered a Chinese restaurant willing to deliver through the snow. And they did. Where would American society be without Chinese restaurants to help us in emergencies?

The only worrisome moment was after our friends left. Mr. McP, after eating some pistachios, announced that now his face felt tight and his chin and cheeks were red and stinging. Really? He chooses the snowmeggadon in which to develop a nut allergy? I gave him a whopping dose of benadryl--never let yourself run out of benadryl, people--and sat up with him for two hours, but his symptoms never got worse and he is fine today. I'm hoping it wasn't an allergy at all but just the salt irritating his frost-nipped little cheeks.


  1. We lost power around 9pm last night. I could look out our back windows and see the bright lights of the university hospital. When we lived in Belmont, we never lost power for long . . . now that we live in Fifeville, god help us.

  2. Funny, because Fifeville is closer to the hospital than Belmont. My neighbor once gave me a long, confusing explanation about Belmont being on the same "circuit" or whatever, with the hospital and how that means our power will never go out. That has pretty much been the case. Even during hurricane Isabel, we lost power for only a few hours.

  3. Yeah, we lived in Belmont during Isabel. Power was basically out long enough for a candlelit dinner and a nice, luxurious, hot, candlelit bath.

    I didn't have a child then, so carefree, relaxing, long baths were taken for granted.

    This time, it was about 14 hours or so, I think.

  4. I lived on 14th Street during Isabel and even less than a mile from the hospital, I had no power for days, but fortunately I went out of town the day after the hurricane, so other than playing Pictionary in the dark, I didn't suffer too much. Shoveling the driveway must be some sort of Y chromosome obsession. My husband is cranky until he gets the job done, and he shovels several times for each storm.

  5. Snowmeggedon--you totally crack me up! And the sun salutation--crushing indeed! I am often amazed by what stays open and driving in the middle of a blizzard--and the Chinese in Wisconsin are no exception!

  6. There are no decent Chinese places where we live, much less decent Chinese places that deliver, and certainly none that would deliver in the snow. No one does anything in the snow here. No one.

  7. I let my peanut-allergic son try a pistachio on New Year's Eve 2008 because he doesn't seem to have a problem with almonds so I thought maybe tree nuts might be OK and because also I'm an idiot. Do pistachios even grown on trees? (I told you--idiot.) Needless to say, he did not have a Happy New Year. At least the double dose of Benadryl seemed to do the trick (we always keep a healthy supply on hand), though he slept through all of the festivities.

    I could go for some Chinese right about now. Maybe a little cashew chicken.

    My WV is "adishers". I think I just found my new go-to insult.