Monday, February 22, 2010

The un-wimpy winter

Greenland's Humboldt Glacier has taken up residence across the path we usually use to get from the front door to the car. My house faces north, so even though the temperature got well into the fifties yesterday, it is as hard as a rock. And my poor boxwood and azalea are also buried under impregnable ice mountains. Saturday I went for a run and fell on the ice. It was a spectacular fall, as I was running pretty fast and both feet flew out from under me and I was airborne for long enough to be aware of the fact that I was airborne, before the sidewalk came up to slam into my knee. I have had a large number of patients lately with fractures related to falls on the ice, so I know I'm lucky to have gotten away with a bruised knee. At any rate, I provided entertainment to all the cars stopped at the nearby traffic signal, although no one bothered to ask if I was OK. I continued my run but without much enthusiasm. It's funny that the three (and only) times I have fallen while running have been right near the Martha Jefferson Hospital ER entrance.

Thus, a brief summation of our winter woes. This is the first winter I've ever spent in Virginia in which the snow cover has lasted for weeks. I haven't seen grass in ages. Despite the inconvenience, I'm happy to have had a "real" winter for once. Two things I can't stand about Virginia are the wimpy winters and the torrid summers.

A few pictures
Everyone's favorite: the plow-induced ice wall.

Sloppy roads

The snowman ate my baby!
Drama Queen (who took most of these pictures)

The beginning of the sledding run that parallels our driveway
Sancho prefers to stay inside

Mr. McP

Drama Queen and Mr. McP at the top of the sledding hill
And at the bottom
My kids enhanced the view out my kitchen window


  1. Love that last photo.

    I got some YakTrax a couple of weeks ago and they've made a huge difference in walking/running on ice and snow. If you want to borrow mine before ordering some for yourself, I'd be happy to walk them over this weekend.

  2. Hey, are the sidewalks at Belmont Park clear? Kiddo really wants to ride his bike and there's still too much snow around here at the street corners for me to take him out on my own (I have a scooter now because he's too young to comprehend "cross traffic does not yield").

    Anyhow, we can bus to Belmont Park pretty easily (yeah, it's a long trip, but kiddo still loves the bus), so I could let him get some safe bike riding in.

  3. Wow.

    Got a good chuckle out of "The snowman ate my baby!"

    Hope your knee's feeling better.

  4. Oof--ice is SO unforgiving. But the "fun pictures" of winter are so great--especially the last.

  5. red lander melted at last

  6. I have the same winter boots as DQ, it's like walking with cement blocks on your feet but I imagine they are toning my legs. Although, in reality, probably not.