Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why Spartans are like Vermonters.

I feel I should tell you that I figured out who the mysterious "Jan B" is. I'm pretty sure she's a nurse Jon used to work with who left her job because of an illness and never returned. The thing is, Jon and I had just been talking about her, wondering how she is doing and Jon was moaning about not having any way to contact her and all along, in the medicine cabinet he uses every day, her phone number is prominently displayed. So much for mindfulness.

And of course you were all dying to hear Herodotus' joke about eh Spartans. It goes like this (in my words.) These people called the "Samians" know they are about to be invaded so they go to the Spartans and give a long speech about how they need aid and the Spartans are all, "That speech was way long. We stopped listening an hour ago. Come back tomorrow with a tighter act." So the next day the Samians return with an empty sack, which they present to the Spartans and say, "This sack needs flour," and the Spartans go, "Oh, we get it now, but you didn't need to say "this sack." Hence, Spartans=Vermonters.