Monday, June 14, 2010

User Un-friendly

How Not to Run a Computer Store

1. Have employees who pretend to be busy so they won't have to help you.

2. Have your Macs and PCs in entirely different rooms so that the one available employee in the Mac room can not help you select a PC. (And if any of you Mac people twit me about buying a PC, I will smack you. We got stuck with a hand-me-down PC back in farking 1992 and have been irrevocably stuck on the PC path ever since.)

3. Have a paltry selection and be out of stock of most computers.Make sure that one third of your display computers are either not turned on or require log-in information that you don't possess.

4. Avoid displaying prices or any other useful information with your display of laptops. Prices just confuse people!

5. Instead, arrange for browsing to be conducted thus: Employee, on one of the display computers, brings up a list of computers for sale, that you must scroll through, but with which you can't tell which item on the page corresponds with which computer at the showroom.

6. Advertise a special deal for University employees that turns out to be just a chance for them to take money out of your paycheck for an interminable time.


  1. Rule No 1 is somewhere in the mandatory computer store rulebook because it's especially endemic in these parts.

  2. I HATE all of these things--but my biggest pet peeve are the busy sales cannot SELL to me if you do not GREET ME!

  3. All shopping must be done on the internet, unless you won't be prosecuted for strangling unhelpful sales clerks.