Monday, September 06, 2010

House, uncensored

I'm ashamed to admit that we have already expanded to fill the space that Ian vacated when he left for school. Not, of course, that he doesn't still have a home here for summers or holidays, or a post-college job hunt, but with almost indecent haste, I threw away most of the clothes he left behind (he told me I could) and listed his unwanted books for sale on Amazon. Seamus (Mr. McP) and I went to the paint store and I let him pick some new paint for his room. He chose a leafy green, a bit intense for my taste, but the color is sanctioned by pottery barn. I thoroughly cleaned the room (and found the last, sticky remnants of the moonshine mash stuck to the floor in a dark corner.) The room is now a crisp green and white and Seamus has moved into the bottom bunk until Ian returns for Christmas. (The school is too far for him to get home for Thanksgiving, so he will spend it with relatives up there.)

I miss Ian horribly, but I don't miss the tortilla chip crumbs in my desk drawer.

Speaking of cleaning, I found pictures of my house on my camera. The kids must have taken them, for whatever reason. It occurred to me that whenever I put a picture of my house on the internet I have picked up any mess so as to give the impression that I live in a clean house. Now, I give you my house, uncensored. If you dare to put up uncensored pics of your own living space, let me know.

Crap all over the floor of sun room + hideous chair that Jon dragged home from thrift shop
My unmade bed, with Jon's hideous Buddhist art thumb tacked to the wall. (I freaking HATE Buddhist "art." Jon stumbled across a Tibetan monk in Rome and now we have the distinction of having brought to America the single ugliest piece of art in all of Italy.)
The girls' unmade bed.
Ian & Seamus' room (before Ian moved out)
We are constantly dropping things over the landing and breaking the lamp that sits on the desk below. We have destroyed at least five desk lamps in this manner.

Shoe disaster.

Kitchen disaster.

Dining room disaster.

Note the classy roll of toilet paper on the computer desk--the desk that is usually full of tortilla chip crumbs.
It looks just like a Pottery Barn catalog, no?


  1. We always throw stuff over the landing, usually laundry. Often I've thrown laundry down (like a good one to two loads worth) and then forgotten about it for a few hours, only to come down and have to tiptoe through obviously worn underwear and other soiled garments strewn about the hall(nothing ever falls in a nice little pile). One of these days the kids are going to answer the door when my obviously worn/soiled (under)garments are hanging from the coat closet hinges.

    I should totally do this picture tour of my house, if only to make you feel better about your own "disasters".

  2. I'm in the early days of all 3 boys in school and slowly chipping away at the debris that has collected over the past decade. No moonshine mash in the corners...yet...

    The new room sounds really nice!

  3. I should do a picture tour of my house to make everyone in the whole world feel better about their houses. But I need to wait a few days because the housekeepers came less than 48 hours ago and it still looks mostly okay right now.