Monday, November 29, 2010

Alternative Holiday Weekend

Good Morning. I hope all my dear readers had a happy Thanksgiving. We had our Thanksgiving on Friday because I worked on the actual holiday. With two nurses in the house, the Friday Thanksgiving has almost become the norm for us. Friday Thanksgivings rock for several reasons:
  • All businesses are open, so if you discover that you need more wine, or forgot to buy something, it's no problem. (It's funny how Americans, myself included, feel a tiny bit panicky at the prospect of going even ONE DAY without unlimited access to a grocery store despite the fact that our pantries are crammed full. The horror of wanting half-and-half for one's coffee and not being able to buy it.)
  • You have an excuse not to get caught up in the Black Friday hysteria.
  • It's more relaxed, and friends who otherwise wouldn't be able to come over because they have to do their Thanksgiving with their own families, will stop by and help you eat up all your excess dessert.
  • There's mail delivery. I like to get my mail.
  • There's no stupid football.
Our dear friends came to visit for the weekend and we all celebrated together, along with a random assortment of teenage friends of my kids and neighbors. The friends, I found out, get story fodder from the sometimes-outrageous behavior of Charlottesvillians, to share with their friends in the big city, who were actually asking them to retell stories about a big party we had a few years ago, at which someone got hit in the face with a biscuit, and some C'ville moms' parenting style provided amusement.

I attempted the "Salt Roasted" turkey that's featured on the cover of the November, 2010 Bon appetit magazine. The procedure is to rub the turkey with a mixture of coarse salt, lemon zest and herbs and let it sit for twenty four hours. Then you rinse off the salt, stuff the turkey with chopped lemons and celery, brush it with a lemon juice/olive oil combo and roast. The result was certainly attractive, but the taste was not appreciably different from any other turkey I've ever roasted. I don't think the salt-lemon hoopla was worth the effort.

Fresh home from work on the "real" Thanksgiving.



  1. I think it's better to get chicken pox early and just get it over with. I got it when I was 16 and it was not only miserable, but also painful.

  2. Get him the pox. You are brilliant because younger is better on that one.
    I love your reasons for the delay--and the first and final were exactly my thoughts last weekend! No stupid football during our meal and stores open if we run out--why can't we celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday?

  3. Urchin had the pox in May. Had I known you were seeking, I'd have let you know. It's so hard to know these things. We had a bit of a small friends-of-friends email thing going on in the spring.

  4. I remember chicken pox. What a misery.

    I can't keep the Kardashians straight, so I'll just have to take your word for it.