Monday, December 27, 2010

We do silly things

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Ours was nice, thank you very much, and I fully recovered from my illness on the 23rd. Our best present, aside from health and family, was Brigid getting an acceptance letter to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Then, on Christmas Eve, they sent her a second letter awarding her a $44,000 dollar merit scholarship.

The tradition of our family Christmas pyramid started way back in the mists of time when cell phones with cameras were a novelty and sending pictures via phone was the cutting edge of technology. Remember this? We called them "camera phones" and we were duly impressed. A phone that can take pictures? What will they think of next? That Christmas Eve, we were in Virginia with my sister and her husband and all the rest of the family were in far away Buffalo, NY. We sent them a picture. They responded with a picture of their own. Soon the pictures were flying back and forth and each time we wanted to pose in a more outrageous way, so the Christmas pyramid was born. Here is a movie of the 2010 version.

We don't just make pyramids. We also dance. Here is one of my all-time favorite Christmas dance movies from two or three years ago. It's short but it will probably make you laugh.

This year, we didn't film ourselves dancing, but I do have some static photos of us doing rock and roll hair tosses. That's my sister Margaret and Brigid and Grace in the first photo, and I'm on the end in the second one.

Seamus, looking cool in some new Christmas clothes.

Oh! An update on the bear story. A full week after the bear was seen in our neighborhood, Grace and her friends spotted a large bear track in the snow on the downtown mall.


  1. I am SO happy for your daughter! that is a HUGE scholarship!!!
    I love a silly family. My grandma presented us each with a kazoo and demanded Christmas songs out of us.

  2. That scholarship is awesome!

    As for Seamus. I'm amused that teen boys today are still rockin' the open long-sleeve shirt over a tshirt/henley look. I was teasing the manbeast about still wearing such a 90s style just yesterday. (Been watching early Buffy on netflix this month.)

    The manbeast is vindicated in his assertion that the style is timeless.

  3. Yep, that was silly!

    Awesome news about the scholarship!

  4. Congratulations to your daughter on the scholarship!

    I love the awesome hair-whirling photos.

  5. That pyramid business cracked my ass UP.

    My mouth is hanging open about the college news.

    done...on all fronts!