Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yet another domestic crisis

My dishwasher is broken.  When I turn it on, it will make a soft thudding noise.  After a minute an "ER"  alternating with "UO" will appear on the LED screen.  Then it stops dead.  I learned that saying ten Hail Marys and hitting cancel and restarting the machine several times will usually get it to work.  This is an increasingly frustrating process, which daily requires more Hail Marys and more cancel/start cycles.  Sometimes I spray hot water down the sink drain, and after I do this, sometimes the dishwasher works and sometimes it doesn't.  The other day, after an excessive amount of tinkering, it still wouldn't work.  I yanked open the door and removed a handful of plates, with the idea of beginning the long process of hand washing everything.  Then I angrily shoved the bottom rack back into the washer, only it came off its track and required several energetic thrusts which caused the remaining plates to collapse on each other with a satisfying crash.  I slammed the door with all my strength, pressed "start" and the dishwasher sprang into action as if nothing had ever been wrong with it. 

The dishwasher worked fine a few times after that, but today it acted up again.  I skipped the Hail Marys and went straight to the abuse.  After two vigorous door slams, the dishwasher made a new sound:  a sort of unhappy wheezing.   It seemed to be saying, "Why are you doing this to me?  It's not my fault that I don't work.  Why don't you place the blame where it belongs, with the assholes at Frigidaire who assembled me so shoddily?  Why don't you go slap them around instead of picking on a poor, innocent dishwasher?"  But after it finished wheezing, it continued with the cycle and is working normally, even as I write.

Of course, I have searched google, to decipher the meaning of "ER/UO" which my owner's manual helpfully defines as "call your Frigidaire representative."  There are many links on Google about "ER/UO"--it has something to do with the vent between the dishwasher and the sink drain, the "U" is supposed to be a "V" and it stands for "vent open."  There is much indignation expressed in these sites about the crappiness of Frigidaire dishwashers and how calling one's Frigidaire rep is useless and how utterly shitty of Frigidaire it is to sell dishwashers with this design flaw. 

I suppose this post will now become popular with people searching Google for the solution to their ER/UO problem and my top search term will no longer be "find old GRE scores," and will now be "my sucky Frigidaire" or "ER/UO WTF???"  Welcome, frustrated Frigidaire dishwasher owners!


  1. I need a new dishwasher, too. Mine runs, but you have to thoroughly wash everything before you load it, and if there's even the slightest trace of grease (like an amount not visible to the naked eye, but that would have to be revealed with special crime scene equipment and analysis), the detergent leaves a white film all over it. So basically it's a sterilizer---a sterilizer that requires you to scrub off detergent.

    My crappy dishwasher is not a Frigidaire, but thanks for the warning. I'll be sure to avoid that brand when we finally get around to replacing ours.

  2. I can only tell you that I've never read such an eloquent rant about any household appliance in my entire life.

  3. One word: Kitchenaid. My first one lasted 19 years. I don't have to rinse the dishes and they sit in there for up to 2 days before I wash a load. Now can I bitch about my new refrigerator? Whirlpool can kiss my frosty ass. Only one control for the fridge and freezer; and everything in the freezer is too moist no matter how high I turn the control. Then there's my washer. Also Whirlpool and -- coincidence be damned -- also a piece of shit.

  4. I hate when household appliances stop working! They're not supposed to do that--ever! Good luck shopping for a new one. The one I have is great--I think it's a Whirlpool. It came with the house, so it's at least 7 years old and still going strong. (Yeah, a dishwasher should last at least 7 years, I think.)

    My top search terms are "kristen bell," "david duchovny hair," "yul brynner gay" and "do mormons wear bathing suits."