Monday, February 28, 2011


My poor innocent coat closet has become the focus of my attention lately.  It's one of those under-the-stairs closets, that goes back about three miles, with the ceiling getting ever lower.  Jon and I have often talked about hiring a carpenter to create a little door in the stair wall so that we can access the back end of the closet (i.e. the Christmas decorations) without having to dig through all the stuff in front of it.  But that's not what I'm doing now.  I am going to gut the interior, cover it with beadboard and paint the whole thing white, even the floor.  I may install shelves in the deep interior.  I might attempt a painted floor pattern, like black and white diamonds.  I have always wanted to do a painted floor.  When we lived in Michigan, I had a friend who painted all the wood floors in her old farmhouse a pale periwinkle.  I thought it was the most wonderful thing I'd ever seen.

Why fill my house with dust and get mouse droppings in my hair to fix up a tiny space that no one even sees?  Because cute closets are enchanting.  They're like a stunning silk lining in a coat or handbag.  You know it's there, even if no one else does. 

Today I took some photos and did some planning.  Jon thinks I should tack the beadboard on top of the drywall, which might be easier, but presents some problems.  I don't like doing anything half-assed. 

The photos:

From the outside.  The deadbolt has a toggle on the inside, so you can lock yourself in the closet, something Seamus has done many times.  There's no key.   Maybe this will become my happy place after the project is finished.

Look!  A picture of our coats on the internet.

The squeezed down place far behind the coats.

A previous owner slapped up some drywall.

Not very professionally.
One reason I need to gut this closet and not just put the beadboard over the drywall.

These cobwebs date all the way back to 1999.


  1. You should get a medal to take on such a task! But I do agree, neat closet spaces are a great pleasure to the eye and mind. Painted periwinkle blue floors--love that!

  2. I'm not sure what the inside of our coat closet looks like. I kind of try to avoid opening it.