Saturday, April 09, 2011

Poxy Lady

Before Christmas I made a lot of noise about exposing Seamus to chicken pox and getting no results.  Today, he says to me, "Mom, look at my weird rash."  What do I see?  Pox.  Pox all over both arms. Pox on his back.  Pox on his left foot and he's complaining of an itchy head.  He insists that he feels perfectly well and he doesn't have a fever.  Indeed, he wanted to go downtown and hang out with his friends and when I told him he couldn't because he's contagious, he went up to his room and threw things around and slammed his door and said he hated me.  Which I took as happy evidence that he is not seriously ill.

I  updated my facebook to announce the presence of the pox in our house, and Seamus, outraged that I mentioned his affliction on facebook, got his revenge by hacking into my site and changing my status update to:

so heres the new 411  i just got new pants :)  lol wat a great day

And then I got revenge by blogging about it.  Merrily we roll along.  But the thing is, I did get new pants.  Fabulous new anthro pants.

New pants and now all of my children are immune to chicken pox.  Wat a great day.


  1. That certainly explains that mysterious Facebook update. :)

  2. Too funny! Congrats on the pox in your house!

  3. I'm totally changing that to my Facebook status.