Sunday, August 07, 2011

In Flight

At O'Hare Airport in Chicago, awaiting a flight to Madison, Wisonsin, where I will begin the process of becoming certified to tinker with my hospital's EMR.  I love traveling alone, and I love to fly.  I used to be afraid to fly, but I've discovered that the best way to overcome a fear of flying is to force yourself onto an airplane.  I was crackers with anxiety over our flight to Italy, but found various helpful websites, including one run by a Pilot, one Captain Tim Bunn, whose site I made fun of a little, and so was somewhat disconcerted when Captain Bunn himself commented on my blog. 

Charlottesville's airport is tiny and homey--there are actually wooden slatted rocking chairs for waiting passengers to sit on, giving it a "Welcome to the plantation and pull up a chair, let me get you a mint julep" feel.  The view, after taking off from C'ville at 06:30, was exceptionally lovely, with the dark humps of the Ragged Mountains rising above mystic lakes of fog that filled the hollows.  Then we were flying over a vast spread of clean white clouds with bright sunshine reflecting off them, a site that always reminds me of going out to play on a bright snowy day, hands covered with hand knit woolen mittens, anchored around your neck with a string, legs barely able to move because of a bulky snowsuit, an icy wind, and what seemed like miles of snow banks to sled down.  We flew over the terrifying expanse of Lake Michigan, and landed without incident, despite being warned of severe turbulence.

Now comfortably installed, with my latte at hand.  I had to switch seats because a man sat down right next to me--despite there being approximately 500 empty seats in the vicinity--and after inexplicably taking a photograph of his own face, or maybe of his shoes, I'm not sure which side was his lens was facing, began eating goldfish from a baggie.  And speaking of my latte, what is it with people at coffee counters?  WHY would you plant yourself RIGHT IN FRONT OF the sugar and stirrers and milk, while you wait for your coffee?  Do you not realize that other people MIGHT WANT ACCESS to that very area?  These two girls did this today, at the O'Hare Starbucks, and not only did they block all other customer's access to the sugar, they had an extremely irritating (to me) conversation about their hangovers and what they couldn't remember from last night, all the while oblivious to the people behind them saying, "excuse me."   Maybe my new crusade will be coffee bar ettiquette.  First World problems indeed.


  1. Congratulations on overcoming your fear. My MIL has forced herself onto an airplane many times, but is still afraid of flying and gets out of it whenever she can.

    I find myself inexplicably creeped out by the guy eating Goldfish crackers from a baggie, and I wasn't even there.

  2. ooh some people are weired....good luck with your trip!!