Thursday, August 18, 2011

Third verse, same as the first.

There was a "Surprise, we searched your bag!" note from the TSA in my suitcase.  I guess it serves me right for calling them Mall Cops.  At first I thought they had confiscated my $45 Anastasia eyebrow tweezers, but then I found them at the very bottom of the suitcase. 

Speaking of the TSA, my gate at Chicago was right in front of a screening area and one of the people they pulled aside for a "random" search was a nun.  That's not random.  That's "Look how random we are by searching nuns!"  On the other hand, it'll teach the terrorists not to try and hide in a habit. God, what an awful thought.

ENOUGH about airports.  I'm back in Verona for more Epic training and I am STILL reading Women in Love.  It's  very sensual and explores many deep topics like love and death and relationships between men compared to those between men and women.  I can appreciate it, but I can't say it's the sort of book to cozy up with at the end of a long day.  I also packed Knowlege of Angels by Jill Paton Walsh.  Is anyone familiar with her?  I've only read to page 42, but I can see that this is an author I will want to read more of.

I got back into Madison Wednesday afternoon, dazed with hunger and exhaustion.  I'd had to get up at 03:45 (after having just three hours sleep)  in order to catch my flight, had had nothing to eat since 4:45am, (aside from THREE Starbucks lattes in Chicago) and now it was 3:30pm--4:30 by my time--and I had moved into my "end of night shift "state in which I am unable to make decisions and my short-term memory fails.  I wandered about, starving, surrounded by restaurants, and completely unable to make a decsion about where I should eat. 

Finally I plunged at random into a cafe, was briefly confused by the fact that I had to climb a flight of stairs to get to it, stared uncomprehendingly at the chalkboard menu, blundered up to the counter and ordered the "chicken salad"--something I realized later was not even listed on the menu.  I asked for a bottle of water.  "But our water is filtered," said the girl at the counter.  I gaped at her.  "Are you sure you want bottled water?" she asked.  It seemed she was not willing to sell me any and I must have seemed awfully stupid because she had to practically take me by the hand and show me the water pitchers and glasses and then I understood that  one must not order bottled water because it is Bad for the Environment, something I would have got right away if I hadn't been so tired.  Plus, I am used to restaurant people who get pissy when you ask for tap water.  My "chicken salad" arrived and it was TOTALLY not what I thought I had ordered.

I felt more normal after eating and hit the shops--most were small, locally-owned boutiques--but I did stop into a Lands End Canvas shop.  Do you know Lands End Canvas?  It's Lands End's new, more stylish line of clothes.  (L.L.Bean has a similar thing called "Signature") The "Canvas" line is aimed at people in mid 20's-30's.  It's a nice effort, but when you try things on, they are a tad matronly.  I did find a couple of good belts. 

I had to buy another Starbucks latte--my fourth of the day-- specifically so I wouldn't become comatose on the bus ride back out to Verona.  Speaking of buses--you know I am ALL ABOUT alternative ways of commuting--many of the buses in Madison have free wifi.  Doesn't that make commuting by bus seem a whole lot more attractive? 

Yesterday my class didn't start until 1:00pm, so I walked into downtown Verona to check out The Sow's Ear, a yarn shop + cafe.  Charlottesville has two very nice yarn shops, although none of them serve coffee and sandwiches.  I figured a yarn shop is a yarn shop, but this one had a nice display of Nordic knitting, with pattern books from Norway showing the Norwegian ski team wearing fantastic knitted sweaters.  There was a selection of Dale of Norway yarns, which comes in stern, northern colors and even though I don't really have the patience for nordic knitting I could not resist buying a book of patterns for small nordic projects, some Dale yarn in red and white, and a pattern for a nordic knitted beer can cozy, designed by the owner.  I can not WAIT to get home and start knitting.  Then I ordered a latte and sat on a comfortable couch, sipping and reading until it was time to leave for my class.  I had ambitious plans to walk from the yarn shop all the way to Epic, which I did, although it took more than 45 minutes and I have several painful new blisters.


  1. Just wanted to tell you I've enjoyed this whole series. Epic, indeed!

  2. Women in Love -- yargh! Have you read Sons and Lovers or The Rainbow? Both are much, much better than the overrated Women in Love and Lady Chatterley's Lover.

  3. I have several D.H. Lawrence novels on my bookshelf. I'm just waiting until I'm in the mood to read them.