Thursday, October 20, 2011

Speaking of

I discovered pinterest--yet another thing to suck up all my time. It is so much fun. On the heels of pinterest I discovered polyvore, and I'm afraid I will get nothing productive done until I have exhausted its possibilities. Which could be never. I used to think that bloggers who threw up things like this (below--taken from Sparrow and Whistle because, sadly, polyvore won't work on my office computer) had some sort super powers. Now I know their secret, and it's so easy an infant could put together a stylish outfit.

Speaking of outfits, in the interest of developing a sense of style, as well as learning to be more comfortable in front of the camera, I'm putting up "what I wore" posts on my "patience crabstick" facebook page. I'm using the page instead of the blog so my content doesn't become diluted with images. So if you want to see them, you have to "like" my page. :) One thing I can't stand are blogs that are nothing but images. It's one thing if you say, "Look! I made this/wore this/bought this/like this." Images tied to meaningful content are fine, but blogs that are literally nothing but perfectly styled pictures are just cold. Or maybe I am just jealous of these bloggers' superior photography skills. Yet I love pinterest which is all images. Maybe this is because pinterest is straight up "look at the pretties." With a blog, it is reasonable to expect a few, you know, words here and there.

Speaking of being comfortable in front of a camera, I am horrendously unphotogenic. Seriously. I will look at myself in a mirror, be pleased enough with what I see, take a picture, and am a washed-out hag. I was watching "America's Next Top Model"--or whatever that show is called--and Naomi Campbell--or whatever model is the host, I can't quite remember--admonished the contestants: "Your job as a model is to look better in a picture than you do in real life." And that's when I realized that I am the opposite of a model. It's comforting to realize that I look better in real life than I do in pictures.
Speaking of nothing apropos, can we talk about sharing the road? My issues with the dysfunctional ways that pedestrians, cyclists and drivers use the roads are myriad, so today I'll touch on one thing: pedestrians--mostly runners-- in the bike lane. OK pedestrians, here's the thing: when you are in the bike lane and refuse to yield to a cyclist, you are forcing cyclists to swerve out into traffic to avoid you. That's not cool. I'm a runner too, so I understand that you prefer to run on blacktop rather than concrete. I get it that sidewalks are bumpy--I have fallen twice over the same sidewalk bump on 9th St. while running. Nevertheless, if you see a bicycle coming at you, please step to the side. It's not hard, and you have more maneuverability on your feet than I do on my bike. Also, don't plunge out into the crosswalk in front of a cyclist. On a bicyle, it's not easy to stop suddenly without the risk of falling and possibly getting crushed by a car. And frankly, since we are both using non-greenhouse gas-producing methods of transportation, aren't we allies that ought to look out for one another?  It's us against the cars, you know.  You don't want to see me get killed by a car, do you, nice pedestrian?  Of course not. 
In boating, craft with the least maneuverability have the right of way over others so a sailboat has the right of way over a motorboat and a canoe has the right of way over a sailboat. As a pedestrian, consider yourself to be a sailboat, cyclists as canoes, and cars as motorboats. Doesn't that clear things up? Thank you.


  1. I just love your posts. Mostly because you use words like "apropos" and logically explain what I already believe to be true, but haven't gone to the mental trouble of justifying.

  2. I love Pinterest!!!! Does Tumblr count as a blog with only photos, and if so, may I have a seat on the complaint bus? It is extremely irritating when people post links to Tumblr photos with no source for the subjects in the photos. Hope that makes sense.

  3. Not Beehive, you will be amused to hear that when I was enthusing about Pinterest to Brigid, she said, "So it's like tumblr for old people?"

  4. oh! let's share on pinterest!