Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bloggy Business

Look at me blogging on a Sunday night when I know perfectly well everybody is cooking their Sunday dinners and trying to pretend that tomorrow isn't Monday.  If you click into my blog, you've probably noticed the new look.  It's just one of the canned layouts that blogger makes available to everyone but since  today I published my blog on kindle, I decided it was prudent to take down that image in my header. The world of public domain images is murky indeed, and apparently, you can't even put up an internet picture of the Mona Lisa on your blog without paying fees to whatever service put the picture up there in the first place.  Or something like that.  You could take your OWN picture of the Mona Lisa and post it, I think.   I'm not even 100% sure if my canned blogger background will translate to the kindle.   I have an image-in-waiting if it doesn't, a picture I took myself in Rome, of the view out our bedroom window with a neighbor's laundry hanging above the street.  I picked the picture because I like it, then realized that the image of airing one's laundry in public is perfect for a personal blog like mine.

If you read me in a reader or a feed, you'll see that you no longer have to click through to see the entire post.  This is because in order to publish to kindle you need full posts in your feed.  This will diminish my hit count, but since I don't put ads on my site, it doesn't really matter.

It was a series put up by More than Just a Mother that gave me the idea to put my blog on kindle and I hoped I was getting in on the ground floor of a new and exciting opportunity, but it turns out there are already thousands of blogs you can subscribe to on kindle.  The price is low-- $0.99-- and the advantage is convenience, an ability to read your favorite blogs without an active internet connection and an ability to see the background and all images, unlike a feed.  I don't own an e-reader myself, so I'm not entirely sure how the content gets on there.

Publishing your blog to kindle is fairly easy, although I ran into some problems.  The kindle publishing site doesn't work on Safari so I had to use my laptop, which is the most abominable piece of shite to ever carry a motherboard.  Of COURSE all my images are on my imac and we don't own a camera right now and I am shamefully inept with computers, despite my full time job as a medical software "expert."  The best way I could think of to get my images from one computer to the other was to email them.  Don't tell me about bluetooth.  I  JUST mastered transferring contacts from one cell phone to another with bluetooth and I didn't want to push my luck.   Another problem was that when you enter your phone number, which is required, you need to enter the country code and how the hell do I know the country code of the United States?  When you ask the internet a simple question:  "what is the country code for the United States phone calls" you are directed to useless websites that want to give you information about everything in the world EXCEPT the county code of the United States.  Finally I entered a 1, because,  I don't know, it seems like the United States would be number 1.  I used to know this, by the way.  I used to have international calling DOWN, but not any more.

So yeah, my blog is on kindle (or will be in the 48-72 hours it takes them to "approve" it) and I'm pleased.  There's nothing to lose and--fully realizing that I may eat these words some day--I'm pleased at how Amazon is throwing down the publishing industry.


  1. Of course our country code is "1". We are so very full of ourselves. :)

  2. If you're a mac person, you should download Firefox to all your computers --much as I love Apple, Safari doesn't play nice with so many other things.

    Also, best way to get images from one computer to the other --the old-fashioned way, with a memory stick. That way they can't get lost in the ether. I do this with music too --it's amazing how much you can fit on a cheap flash drive! :-)

  3. Well done in getting your Blog Kindleized.
    I've thought of it, but I'm not sure I want access to mine restricted by a third party, and the cost is another barrier, lpus of course as you mention the thorny cpoyright issue of the images.

    It's just so easy to stick an appropriate image into a post, when you know it's just going to be seen by a few handfuls of people, but if you publish commercially, the level of scrutiny escalates severely.

    Anyway, best of luck with your project.

  4. I'm impressed at how you're figuring this out--I'd just quit because I'm lazy that way.
    I do like your new blog look.