Thursday, November 17, 2011

She rants again

Here I go, bitching again.  This time it's about midnight premieres of movies.  My problem is the fact that the movies that tend to premiere at midnight are movies that appeal to children and teens, many of whom do not have driver's licenses, or if they do, have parents who don't want them driving home at 3:00am.

What is the expectation for parents?  That we drop a group of kids off at the theater at midnight and then somehow stay awake until 2:00 or 3:00am to pick them up again? Yes, I see you waving your hand at the back of the classroom.  You want to ask about car pooling.   You want to tell me that one parent can drop the kids off and another can pick them up, so everybody can get a little sleep.  But that's not how it works, because if you're the lucky parent who gets the midnight drive, do you think you are going to be able to sleep peacefully while your child is out in the middle of the night?  You will not, and if you don't believe me, then you are not the parent of a teenager.  Trust me, the older your kids get, the sketchier their ride home arrangements become.  As the wee hours pass, you will be sending your child an increasingly hysterical series of texts:

Is ur ride there yet?
WHO did you say is picking you up?
Txt me the SECOND your ride gets there.  
Is ur ride THERE YET? 
Y RN'T U ANSWRING ME??????????
If I do not hear from u in 10 seconds I am CALLING THE POLICE!!!

There is no rest for the parent with a kid at a midnight premiere.

And what of the parent who gets to pick the kids up when the movie is over?  Do you think it's easy or convenient to force yourself to stay awake or to nap with your cell phone clutched in your fist, your alarm set for 1:45 am?

Oh, you say, you could just stay at the theater and see the movie with the kids!   Um, I think not.  How is it fun or even sane to sit through a movie when you've been up for nineteen hours?  I've been through this midnight premiere bullshit with some of the Harry Potter movies, and now with the new Twilight that apparently opens this Friday.  Am I a bad person, that I was secretly pleased when Grace could not get a ticket to the midnight show?


This morning when I came downstairs, there was an ominous hissing noise coming from under the sink. After removing all the aerosol cans and the fire extinguisher--hoping that the noise was coming from one of them--I have pretty much confirmed that the noise is coming from the plumbing.  When you ask the internet about hissing sounds in pipes, you get scary information about water main leaks and tearing up of floorboards.  Meanwhile, I HAVE to go to work and Jon has urgent business to take care of today. It's not a gas leak because there is no gas smell, so that's good, I guess.

Post script to the addendum

Jon diagnosed the hissing as a leak in the hot water pipe that feeds the sink and dishwasher, which is bad, but not as bad as it could be.  It's temporarily fixed with duct tape but it seems that this is another sign of  mice.  God. Damned. Fucking. Mice.  I thought I had gotten rid of them after the dog food in the oven incident, but apparently they simply moved their base of operations to the space in the wall behind the sink and underneath the kitchen floor.  No droppings in the sink cabinet itself which is odd.

But I shouldn't complain when there are  larger issues, i.e. police who douse peaceful protesters, including an 84 year old woman, with pepper spray.  God damned fucking bastards.  I am disgusted with my country.  But we must shut our mouths and bow to the "job creators."


  1. We don't do midnight movies. The end. There is no movie that is worth the loss of my sleep. Luckily, my kids haven't asked to go to any late shows and they aren't Twi-hards, so I'm off the hook this weekend too.

    Bummer about the mice under your sink. As much as I am not an animal person, have you thought about getting a cat?

  2. Yeah, what's wrong with 8 a.m. movies? I'm with you--NO FLICK is worth losing a night of sleep. Sheesh.

    Ugh. That stinks about your pipes--I'm with Jen. A good cat could fix all your troubles on that front.

    Now if we could find a cat big enough to take out all the rats in this country...

  3. My daughter doesn't even like movies, so I'm good for now.

    BTW, on the cat issue . . . we have a cat that hunts just fine outside, but will ignore any rodents in the house. Great for the pet hamsters, but it leaves us going after the field mice.

  4. I took my daughter to a late-night movie. Once.

    I ended up driving around the cinema for about ½ hour, waiting for the movie to finish. It wasn't in a particularly good area in quite a tough city, and I was so nervous I was almost sick. We didn't all have cell phones then (15 years ago)and I couldn't ake the risk of having her come out on her own. Eventually I parked where I could see the main enterance nd started to wait. I waited for at least two minutes when a prostitute yanked open the passenger door, and asked if I wanted a good time?.
    I almost shit myself. I suppose it wouldn't have been so bad but HE was about 50 and looked it. I muttered someting urbane like "F*ck off" and took off like a rocket (the car's engine was still running)
    After I finally picked up my 14 year old daughter and took her and her friends home I told them "Never again", my nerves couldn't stand it.

    The solution to mice is to ALLWAYS have baited traps around. In cupboards, under floorboards in garages and basements. Don't forget to check for little furry corpses on a regular basis.

  5. I totally agree about midnight movies. Fortunately, my teen has a friend with a super-cool, wants-to-see-the-movie-too mom. So she takes them.

    Thanks for the pointer to my blog. The times they are a-changin'.