Monday, January 16, 2012

Friday the 13th, or a Day in the Life of a Working Mother

I'm not superstitious, but a lot of unlucky things happened to me last Friday. My alarm didn't go off, and neither did my emergency back-up alarm.  Jon and I had one of those fights couples have when it's garbage day and you're both running late and you have to drag all your crap to the curb--which you should have done the night before, but didn't.

 No sooner was I settled at work, when I was confronted by stern-faced boss telling me I had not gotten my required flu shot and the deadline was some date in the distant past and I had to get down to employee health pronto.

"Are you feeling OK today?" the nurse asked, before giving me my injection.  I considered:  breakfast of double espresso and ibuprofen + fight with husband + severe stress over a work project and surprise IM injection = nausea, headache, chest pain, and palpitations.  I told the nurse I felt fine.

Then there was work craziness compounded by power outage, compounded by the non-stop keening of the emergency alarm that got triggered by the high winds--the same high winds  that knocked out my back up alarm.  There is no explanation as to why my cell phone alarm didn't go off, other than that I am cursed.

At 4:00pm I got a call from Brigid, who is back at school, telling me she needed $300 for textbooks and could I transfer it to her checking account immediately please, because her balance was zero.  It was a payday Friday afternoon followed by a Monday bank holiday.  As soon as I got back to my desk, Grace called to ask where the broom was.  You know, because since I was at work, I would know the EXACT LOCATION OF THE BROOM.

After work, I took the Trolley downtown to refill a prescription.  I spent the fifteen-minute waiting period picking up milk and other items at the grocery store.  Back at the pharmacy, they told me their computers were down and my prescription would not be ready for at least another twenty minutes.  I told them I'd return in the morning.  I walked home from downtown--it is nearly a mile--with the heavy grocery bag cutting into my bare hands which had nothing to protect them from the formidable windchill.

By the time I got home, I had no feeling in my fingers and I had to immediately start dinner, which had as its starting point a bag of frozen solid chicken breasts which the children had forgotten to remove from the freezer as requested.  I did manage to turn them into a respectable chicken pot pie and even got dinner on the table by 7:30.


  1. we must have been traveling under the same moon last week. The curse was following us as well. Hoping by now the weekend has managed to wash it all away. And, by the way, the curse could have been worse - if it were my life, it would not have been payday and I would have just paid the mortgage. I would have to sell a child to send the $$$.
    Chicken pot pie... yum!!!

  2. I'm very impressed with two things: that you have a back-up alarm, and that you did anything at all about dinner. After that day, I think I would have hardly had the energy to pick up the phone and order pizza. I would have made my husband do the calling.

  3. What a cursed day!
    Thank God for the back up alarm.
    I live with 4 people who expect me to always know inventory and pinpoint locations. Irritates the hell out of me.

  4. I'm with Cassi. I would have said, "Eff the chicken" and would have ordered dinner instead.

  5. I feel weird about leaving this comment, but I'm getting ready to give you a blog awardish thing on my blog. Don't feel the need to pass it on. I know these things are like chain letters. I just wanted to kind of shout out to some of my favorite small, personal blogs. So...thanks for writing, because I enjoy it! And maybe some of my few followers will come visit you.