Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Reading Assignment: The Saxons are Coming

I'm worried that this week's assignment will forever relegate me to geekdom.  Nevertheless, I present to you The Lantern Bearers by Rosemary Sutcliff, which I've just finished reading.  Rosemary Sutcliff was a British writer of historical novels, mostly aimed at young adults.  The Lantern Bearers takes place in Britain, about the time the Romans gave up on it.  It's about Aquila, a young soldier whose life is ripped apart by a Saxon invasion.  This is mostly a plot-driven novel, but well-written.  It's the sort of book you look forward to reading.

In researching Rosemary Sutcliff for this post, I made the happy discovery that a movie was made last year, based on one of her books, The Eagle of the Ninth--another story of Roman-era Britain.  I've added it to my queue and if it's any good, I'll let you know.  The movie is titled The Eagle and it stars people I've never heard of such as Channing Tatum.  Has anyone seen it?


  1. FIlm is good, but not universally popular. Lots about it and the book at

  2. Have not seen the movie, but I have a kid who'd like YA about Saxons. We're kind of a Medieval bunch here.

  3. I just looked up the book and it appears to be part of a trilogy. Did jumping into the series in the third book present any problems?

  4. Thanks for the tip, Anonymous.

    Jen, it's not a problem to jump into this series in the middle. I read the last book first, actually.

  5. This is completely off topic, but remember Dr Fun (about whom I moaned in a recent post?) He too grew up in Buffalo and graduated from Canesius College. (Long before you were there). I think he went to a Jesuit boys' school; does that ring a bell?

    It's not particularly significant, just one of those small-world things.

    OK, get back to the book discussion, most of which blows right over my head. I've been working my way through your archives and thoroughly enjoying the journey.

  6. Jenny, I remember Dr. Fun. The Jesuit boys' high school in Buffalo is also called Canisius. It's not affiliated with the college. How awful that a graduate of Canisius High School would make audible kissing noises in public. My grandfather, uncle, several cousins, pus my husband, his brothers and father and numerous nephews are all graduates of Canisius High school, where they definitely don't teach the behavior Mr. Fun exhibited!