Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tying up loose ends.

A little while back, I posted a somewhat panicky entry about a mysterious hissing noise coming from underneath my kitchen sink and how I’d used Google to diagnose it as a leaky pipe which would involve tearing up of floors and demolishing of walls.  The hissing was caused by a leaking pipe, but fortunately for us, the leak was located in a part of the pipe that was easily accessible and the total repair cost only $40.  The circuit breaker box in the basement is unluckily placed directly under the leaky pipe and it filled with water, which caused some concern, but the internets told us that circuit breaker boxes are built with a tiny drain hole for just this type of eventuality.  Isn't that comforting? Anyhoo, my conscience was mildly bothered by the fact that I'd posted about what looked like a major catastrophe and never followed up.  Plus it's a convenient segue to write about our lovely plumber, who helped us with this non-disaster.

Have I mentioned our hottie plumber?  A friend and I used to see him out and about and wish we had an excuse to call him.  Alas, our husbands were skilled enough at elementary plumbing that neither one of us had much need for a professional.  Then we redid our bathroom and the hottie plumber was a regular fixture at our house for a while.  (My friend’s lucky break was tree limbs in her sewer pipes.)  We are indeed blessed.

Remember the Delores Davoli escapade?  Remember how I innocently wondered if Delores was somehow connected with the non-existent restaurant, Davoli’s? And how Jon immediately called his friend to ask if he’d ever eaten at Davoli’s?  What surprised me at the time was that the friend seemed familiar with my imaginary restaurant. The other night I agreed to babysit for this friend and he told me he was going to “Davola.”  My WTF meter started humming.  I am pretty familiar with the restaurants of Charlottesville and there is no Davola’s. The friend mentioned the restaurant a few more times and I realized he was saying Tavola, which is a restaurant in downtown Belmont.  So when Jon called him to ask about Davoli’s, he heard Tavola, and thus unwittingly aided me in my prank.

I got some good suggestions for captions for my silly knitting pattern.

Not Beehive: Be green. Please unravel, I mean recycle.   Good one!  I laughed out loud.
SueI'll take two boxes of thin mints please!  Ha, ha, she does look like she's trying to flag down a cookie.
Suburban Correspondent:  Didn't we have mirrors in the 70's?  I've often asked myself the same thing.
Twisted Scottish Bastard:  "Well hello sailor, do you want to feel my ribbing?"   Funny, except that the model looks like she's about 13! Still, she certainly looks like she's trying to attract attention.
Anonymous:  Giant girl scout seen at county fair!  She does look much, much larger than all the other people in the photograph.  And that is definitely Girl Scout Green.
Sarah Q:  I never knew the Jolly Green Giant had a girl friend.  Indeed.  I think she's a little young for him though.
A contribution from my cousin on facebook: After escaping from Captain Kangaroo, Ms Greenjeans goes to the fair.  Hahahahaha!  

Mr. Green Jeans.  If you didn't grow up in the 1970s, you were spared Captain Kangaroo.


  1. I saw Hot Plumber yesterday, driving around with his little dog (Dorothy, is that you?). Every time I think I hear errant running water, "I am half agony, half hope."

  2. A hot plumber? That's who you want flushing your pipes! I've got a hot UPS guy who delivers a nice package...

  3. You're very lucky.. Our plumber looked like a cross between Buster Keaton and a refugee from a "Yo Mama" joke. And he charged about half of the national debt.