Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend in Buffalo

And so it came to pass that Monday morning, at a time I had fully expected to be getting ready for work, I was sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Queens, idly watching a prostitute conclude some sort of business with the front desk staff while Jon smoked a cigarette outside and the automatic door opened and shut with no stimulus, admitting a freezing wind that goose-pimpled the prostitute's bare legs.  And I wondered, not for the first time, "How did I get here?"

Thus concluded a weekend getaway for Jon and me.  We went to Buffalo to attend a party given by my mother-in-law and all went well until our Sunday night flight from LaGuardia to Richmond was cancelled due to snow.  Then our hotel turned out to be a brothel, which explains why it wasn't on the list at the Kiosk for Distressed Travelers.  Stick to the list, people.

Actually, our "whoretel" was quite clean and convenient, although the shuttle driver returned us to LaGuardia like we were in the last cab out of 'Nam.  We LITERALLY almost crashed into a hummer.  Not one minute later, our driver, with aggressive horn blowing, so discombobulated the driver in front of us, he pulled onto the median like a wounded animal and let us pass.

The weekend was lovely though.  We took a day off from work and were in Buffalo by noon on Friday.  We spent Friday evening at my brother's house in Black Rock, laughing our asses off.

Black Rock
 Saturday we took Ian out for breakfast at Sweetness 7, my favorite breakfast place in Buffalo.

Sweetness 7

 Later I went for a walk in Allentown, one of my favorite Buffalo neighborhoods, and found the mother lode of Great Lakes nautical charts in an antique shop on Elmwood Ave.  I spent a happy hour unrolling every last one, looking for a copy of the chart of the Canadian shore of Lake Erie that fascinated me as a child, but I couldn't find it and settled on one of Toronto Bay and another of Presque Isle near Erie, PA.  The shop owners kindly rolled the charts into a cardboard tube, telling me they'd be perfectly fine as a carry-on.  Little did I know what a burden that cardboard tube would become as I dragged it in and out of airports and planes and cabs.

The party was lovely and elegant.  Most of Jon's family was there, and believe me, it is a considerable feat to get everybody together at one time.  There was an after party at Founding Fathers, one of my favorite bars.

We managed to land in Richmond by 9:00am Monday and I was at work by noon.  It was odd, sitting on the Charlottesville Trolley when I had awakened in New York just a few hours before.


  1. I never knew Buffalo was so interesting--seriously.

  2. :-) No need for amusement parks --just take a cab in NYC!

  3. Great post. Love the details of the brothel and the cab drive. Wouldn't this just happen on the one day of winter we've seen this year?

  4. ooh my..... feel like I've just taken a trip.... good to get away from dreary damp London!!