Monday, March 26, 2012

Politics and Dogs

Can it be possible that I have run out of things to blog about?  I was planning to do a round-up of all the ridiculous proposed bills and idiotic statements from politicians such as the Wisconsin politician who suggested that women with abusive husbands might be willing to stay with them if they remember their abuser's good qualities.  The stupidity of that statement speaks for itself.  Then, there's a proposed bill in Kansas that would allow doctors to lie to women about the results of their prenatal testing in order to prevent abortion.  It would even be OK to withhold from women the fact that they have an ectopic pregnancy--a life-threatening condition in which the fertilized egg is developing outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube.  That's right.  It's perfectly acceptable, in some people's minds, to allow a woman to die, potentially deprive existing children of their mother, or a husband of his wife in order to "save" an unborn baby.  In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the baby would die too, but that, apparently, is a detail of no importance.  What is important is that another woman was prevented from killing her baby.  Because that's what we women do, we sit around and plot the killing of our babies.  We're so corrupt with original sin, we can't be trusted to make moral decisions on our own and must be lied to.

But now I am angry and I don't like being angry on a Monday, so the hell with the rest of the headline roundup.

Instead I will give you this.

This is Sancho.  It may look like he is contemplating a future in which Rick Santorum, or someone like him is leading the United States, but actually he is just really, really freaked out because it is raining.  What he's afraid of is thunder.  He associates thunder with rain, and even though it doesn't thunder every time it rains, there is the possibility that it might thunder and the thing to do when you are afraid that it might thunder is sit on the landing at the top of the stairs and hold yourself in a very, very tense position until it stops raining.

He will not enter the bedrooms to take comfort in our company because of a terrible incident from his puppyhood in which Brigid somehow boosted him--he weighed fifty pounds-- into the top bunk of her bed.  Naturally, she couldn't get him down again.  It bears mentioning that she tried this experiment the day after I bought new Shabby Chic duvet covers for the beds.  

We dragged the mattress off the lower bunk onto the floor and piled it with pillows and quilts to serve as a cushion and coaxed and pleaded and tried to lift him out of the upper bunk, but he seemed to have welded his body to the mattress. We literally could not budge him. Then Jon arrived, and Sancho, realizing that Jon was the strongest person in the house, made an unexpected flying leap out of the bed into Jon's arms, knocking Jon onto his ass on the mattress-cushion pile.  The impact shook the house to its foundation.  That was six years ago. Sancho never entered a bedroom again.

Speaking of shaking the house to its foundation, we had a 3.1 magnitude earthquake last night, around 11:00pm-ish.  Did you feel it C'ville people?  I heard a deep rumble and felt a mild tremor that lasted for about 10 seconds.   That's how many earthquakes since August?  


  1. I slept through the earthquake. Either I was that wiped out or I've become that accustomed to them.

    Growing up, we had a dog that chased thunder. She'd jump out of any window she could find open in her quest to protect her people from the noise. Needless to say, my poor parents always ended up with every last kid and animal on their bed every thunderstorm, because with that dog, there was no sleeping through anything.

  2. I didn't feel the earthquake, but that's probably because I was busy plotting how to get the gubbermint out of my life for good.

    I haven't had a pet in years, but I'm glad the days of my kids being afraid of thunder are gone.

  3. Well, I'm pretty sure that if Rick Santorum is elected President, the east coast will break off and fall into the ocean. It's just getting prepared, in case.

  4. Didn't notice the earthquake either, though maybe that's why my cats were insane all of last evening.

    I miss being a dog person.

  5. Poor Sancho. He seems like a nice canine.

  6. The loony right, especially the religious nutters scare me. They seem to be running rampant in the USA.
    Just read Robert Heinlein's book, "Revolt in 2100" to see how it could easily be taken to the extreme.

    Poor Sancho, the big scaredy-cat. Have you tried Valium?
    For the dog I meant.

    Quite honestly, living in New Zealand (The Shaky Isles), anything less than Richter 5 is barely noticeable.