Monday, May 14, 2012


Overheard on the Downtown Mall:

Dar Williams?  Is she really famous? 
Dude, she's HUGE in Portland....and in Schenectady.

Overheard at a party:

There's nothing sexier than cowboy boots with scrubs.

Enough already:

If one more person uses the phrase "pop of color" in his or her blog, I may have to smash something.

Dangerous temptations:

The next time I am exposed to the siren call of one of the recipes published in Country Living magazine, someone needs to tie me to the refrigerator until it passes.  I spent hours yesterday, slaving over the world's most ridiculous casserole.  When finished, it wasn't all that special, and I noticed, too late, after preparations were well underway, that it contains 1,200 calories per serving.  What the fuck?  That's more than I try to eat in an entire day.


  1. 1,200 calories per serving? What's in it? Cream with a stick of butter per person?

  2. I have no clue who Dar Williams is, I keep hearing her name and I have never ever actually heard her music.

  3. I have a CDR of a Dar Williams album, and I really like it. Because it's a CDR someone made, I don't even know the name of the album :-)

    Cowboy boots and scrubs? Um, not so much.

  4. Yeah, I have about a 60 minute time limit on any recipe. And about a 10 ingredient limit, too.

  5. I've made complex recipes before, but I try and go out of my way to see if the reviews say they're worth it. And I've still been disappointed. But those calories are out of control.

  6. Yesterday I baked a batch of cookies (more Pinterest fail) and they were so awful that I dumped them on the ex. He'll eat garbage rather than throw food out.

    "Pop of color" should be banned, along with anyone who sprinkles anything other than sprinkles on food.

  7. WTH is a "Pop of Colour"

    And maybe cowbow boots worn with nothing else.

  8. Jen, it was little bites of steak and vegetables, sauteed in bacon fat and covered with cheese grits. Jeez, no wonder it's 1200 calories/serving.

    Becky, I assume that Dar Williams must be very famous because I have heard of her, and I haven't heard of anybody. She's a folk singer. She did that "Christians and the Pagans" song.

    Laoch, thanks.

    TSB, "pop of color" as in "my blue ballet flats made a pop of color." "The big dollop of strawberry jam in my oatmeal was a nice pop of color." "My new sofa pillows give my living room a pop of color." Enough!

  9. I'm not sure I've heard that song and I'm a total music geek. Apparently she is the secret headlining artist for the city garden festival I've been working on though, so I guess I will hear her this evening.

  10. Also, that dinner sounds good, even if it is 1200 calories. Sometimes you just have to splurge.

  11. brilliant....... forget the cowboy boots where are my scrubs??

  12. Thanks Jen.
    So if I've got this right;
    My infected zit made a huge pop of colour on my face?

    BTW, How's the testing going on?