Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Friday Saturday Sunday


Tucked up in bed Friday night watching a low-budget BBC miniseries and feeling sorry for myself because nobody was home when Jon called to say that he and a friend were at The Whiskey Jar and would I like to come out and meet them there.  It was a Scarlett O'Hara moment:  the scene at the charity ball when Rhett bids for her and some stern upright person says, "The lady will not dance," and Scarlett says, "Oh yes I will!"  My sensible side said "The lady cannot go out." I hadn't washed my hair after my run; I had taken my contact lenses out; I was in my pajamas.  My madcap side said, "Oh yes I will!" and bounced out of bed, threw on a dress and eyeglasses, and pulled my disgusting hair into a pony tail.  I had a gin & tonic at The Whiskey Jar and a martini at Positively 4th St.  We saw a pasty-white girl get carried out of the bar, too drunk to stand and a transvestite friend of a friend decorate his ass with little stickers that said "hot." It was lovely.


In Market St. market Saturday.  I bought a single small bottle of clorox bleach and nothing else.  I was tempted to ask for a bag, but I didn't and walked out of the store and over to the pharmacy to pick up a script and set my bottle of bleach down on the counter while I paid.  It discomfited the pharmacy clerk, like the evidence of a secret stain.  "Do you want a bag for that? " she asked.  I declined.


Sunday, at a sidewalk table at the Baja Bean in Richmond, a man pulled up at the stoplight adjacent to our table and yelled out his car window, "I ate a Baja Bean and I got diarrhea!"  He paused, then screamed, "THAT IS FUCKED UP!" and drove away, while we contemplated our tacos with a new and (hopefully not) jaundiced eye.


  1. Far more exciting weekend adventures than myself. Good for you for going out Friday.

  2. I hope the driving, raving restaurant critic wasn't prescient about the food.

  3. LOL at the bean dude! Oh my goodness!
    You'd think the retail people would get a clue on the bags, but I guess not.
    Good for you going out. I have been more prone to going out, too. And always glad for it.

  4. So...what did you need the bleach for? Or is it a secret?

  5. Well done on being madcap. Acting on impulse can often lead to pleasant surprises.

    Very worried abiut the Baja Bean Shouter. He sounds a tad deranged. Hope he doesn't start to stalk you, mind you you'll probably hear (and smell) him coming if his diarrhea is that bad.

  6. Madhousewife, the bleach was to get the mildew smell out of my washing machine.

    All, we did not get sick from the baja bean.

  7. I am impressed that you fought your way out of bed. I would have fallen asleep while still on the phone.

  8. Well done you for resisting the gravity of the bed and going out late; it's such a fun thing to do now and again. As for the drive by comment; a couple of friends were having their wedding pictures taken outside the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas with the Elvis look-a-like when some dude shouted from across the street 'Yo, Elvis! Motherfucker!'. Of this, memories are made!!