Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Tale of the Three Repairmen

Once upon a time there were three repairmen.  The first repairman was smart,  the second repairman was of average intelligence, and the third repairman was stupid.  There lived at that time a Beautiful Queen who had many children.  One day, the Queen's washing machine broke and she appealed across the land for someone to help her, for she had much laundry to do.

The repairmen's master sent the repairman of average intelligence to help the Queen.  The repairman of average intelligence said to the Queen, "I know what is wrong with your washer, but I can not fix it today.  I will return in one week."

A week passed, and during that time, many packages of washing machine parts were delivered to the Queen's palace.  This time, the repairmen's master sent the stupid repairman.  That day, the Queen was away from home, but she left a note for the repairman.  The stupid repairman said, "I can not read these slanty, joined-together letters." The Queen's son, a handsome prince, read the note out loud to him.  The stupid repairman said, "I still do not understand what is wrong with this washer, but I see all these boxes of parts.  I will put the new parts into the washer and all will be well."  The stupid repairman went away, well satisfied with his day's work, though he left a dent in the Queen's washer.

The Queen came home and discovered that her washing machine was still broken.  She was very angry and wailed most piteously to the repairmen's master. The repairmen's master now sent the smart repairman for he feared the Queen's great wrath. The smart repairman said, "I know what is wrong with this washer and it has nothing to do with all these new parts." He showed the Queen a silver coin that had been jammed into the machine's motor.  The silver coin must have fallen out of the handsome prince's pants one day when the Queen was washing them.  The Queen realized that the coin was the very same type of coin she had been feeding into the machines at the laundromat these many weeks, but the irony did not hit her until much later.

And so, the Queen's washing machine was fixed, and they all lived happily ever after, except for the repairmen's master who was out $650 for (unnecessary) parts and labor, but that was his own fault for designing a machine with a motor that is vulnerable to stray coins, and for hiring stupid repairmen.


  1. Oh thank goodness it's finally repaired! So glad the saga is over.

  2. Jesus Tapdancing Christ--a coin! Unbelievable.

  3. Good grief!! If only all repairmen could be smart repairmen, what a better world it would be for us Queens.

  4. Excellent post, really brought a smile to my face.

    So, Oh Queen, art thou pleased?
    Didst thou send the executioner after the stupid one?

  5. That was such a good story! You had me riveted to the very end!

  6. The bit about the joined-together letters had me snickering.

  7. My daughter's new boss is Persian and unable to decipher cursive handwriting. (She's not sure about print). He received a handwritten letter and he made her read it to him, which they both immediately regretted because it contained personally incriminating details.

    I'm not sure what the repairman's excuse is, assuming English is the language he learned in grammar school.

    Thanks for this charming and very clever post!

  8. For the lack of a coin, a kingdom was almost lost....

  9. Joined-together letters... oh, my!
    I no longer wish for my machine to come to its demise, as your tale brings me about to the reality of such pain. (Also, I am rather short of coin these days.)