Monday, June 11, 2012

A whole lot about washing machines. And more.

During a rage-induced google search I found a forum with hundreds of complaints about my washing machine.  Not exactly soothing, but mildly entertaining and it put me in that "other people have it worse than I do" place.  One person complained that not only did her washer quit working in the middle of the cycle, but the lid remained locked with her clothes imprisoned inside it.  Can you imagine your clothes slowly rotting with mold while you wait for weeks for a repairman?  I would be pissed.

Still, some complaints suggest that the machines are working as designed and that some washing machine owners are perhaps unfamiliar with the concept of "high efficiency."  Several complaints were from people who felt the water level was too low, and there are people, apparently, who are augmenting the water level in their HE machines by topping them off with a garden hose.  Seriously?

 Other people complain that there is no such thing as a hot wash in an LG washer.  If you select "hot" the machine is designed to dilute your hot water with cold.  This is something I realized myself when I was trying to felt some of my knitting and opened the machine during the wash and found the water to be distinctly tepid.  The purpose, of course, is to use less energy, and I'm all for using less energy, but sometimes you do want to wash a load in truly hot water.   LG sucks for stooping to this sort of cheating in order to achieve an Energy Star rating.

That said, I am hopeful that yesterday was my last trip to the laundromat.  Last Tuesday a repairman came and my second-worst-case scenario was realized:  that the washer needed a part that was out of stock and needed to be special ordered.  (The absolute worst-case scenario was that he would come down the stairs sorrowfully shaking his head and tell me that I had voided the warranty by laundering too many comforters or dog beds or curtains or couch cushion covers.)  Last Friday the UPS truck came with five packages for my washing machine.  The repairman is supposed to return tomorrow.  So keep your fingers crossed for me.

I don't really mind the laundromat.  Lots of friends offered the use of their washers and we did take advantage of their kindness a few times, but we're a big family and we have a LOT of laundry.  We got into a routine of stopping at the laundromat, starting several loads, running our errands, and returning to pick up the clothes.  It was all very simple and easy.


I was pulled over by a cop yesterday (on my way to the laundromat, doh) because my inspection expired in April.  OK, no big deal and the cop was actually quite cute and very nice.  It takes quite a while to process a ticket and in the meantime two more cops pulled up--one in the paddy wagon--and blocked me in with their cars and they were all standing around, conferring, and one of the extra cops was glowering at us, or at least he appeared to be as I tried to look at him while not looking like I was looking at him.  I was a little worried.  Like maybe someone had stolen my identity and I was wanted for armed robbery in Missouri.  Meanwhile, everybody driving past had to gawk.  Naturally.  I know what I would be thinking if I saw three cop cars surrounding a car, and this town has a ferocious gossip mill.  My car is a make not as commonly seen as others and could be easily identified as mine.

Eventually, the nice, cute cop approached my window and said, "I guess you didn't know you were a hardened criminal," and I couldn't tell if he was joking or not but then he said, "It's just a slow Sunday in Charlottesville."  Jesus.  You know you live in a small town when the cops get excited about a mousy housewife in a Scion with an expired inspection sticker.


  1. You live in a college town where there are plenty of laundromats nearby! Consider yourself lucky. Now I am sitting here waiting for my 5-year-old LG HE washer to break down and wondering why I didn't remember to renew that the warranty on it.

    And, really, considering how much these things cost, if I had to drag a garden hose inside to fill up my washer, I would want to kill someone. Most likely myself, for having been so stupid as to have bought the thing in the first place...

  2. Topping it off with a garden hose? Are these the same people drinking lemon-scented dish soap?

    Every year I let my inspection sticker expire for months and I've only been stopped once in 25+ years. The ex puts leaves under his windshield wipers and clutters the dash as a decoy.

  3. Thank you for the reminder to go check the inspection stickers on our cars. I'm pretty sure that one or both expire this month.

    I reallyreallyreally hope you get this laundry situation sorted sometime soon. If not, then perhaps you should bring some laundry here, but then stay and drink instead of running chores.

  4. Being a bit freaked out when the other police vehicles arrived and stayed is not unreasonable. It is pretty common for them to do that when they are arresting you.

  5. I've heard that it's hard to felt in a front loader because they don't agitate as much as top loaders. I didn't know the hot water wasn't as hot. Hmm....

  6. Front loaders may be as efficient as can be, but I like to be able to drop more things in as the cycle moves along--like one-last-towel; or an item that just needs a little swish at the end; or to stop the process for a soak; and so on. If I ever need another washer (duh---inevitably) I want one of those no-agitator top-loaders.

    My daughter's new front loader was such an annoying piece of crap they gave it back and bought a refurbished top loader, which is a gem!

  7. I would never even look at the energy efficiency labels when buying a washing machine. We've got a Samsun top loader, simple to operate, does what its told, and never gone wrong in 8½ years.

    Getting hemmed in by the cops would not be pleasant. Did you offer to buy them some doughnuts?