Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday Reading Assignment: OMGFaulkner

The first time I read The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner, was in college and I read the entire novel in a few hours, cramming for an exam.  Not the ideal way to read any book, and certainly not this one, although even after that cramming experience, I loved it and knew I would read it again one day, properly.  Now I'm re-reading it for the fifty classics project.

Faulkner makes me feel intellectually feeble, and there's nothing I can say about The Sound and the Fury that hasn't been said before.  Just read it.


  1. Really? Because As I Lay Dying about KILLED me to read.

  2. Ha. When I was in college, at Ole Miss no less, The Sound and the Fury was the second required novel for which I had to resort to Cliffs Notes. (The other, incidentally, was Heart of Darkness, which I had to read in high school.)

    However, I still think it's really nifty that the Folio Society is coming out with a color-coded edition! Wish I'd had one in college.

  3. I agree with Green Girl, Ugh.
    Using Cliff notes is probably the best way to "read" any Faulkner.

    Sorry Jen, I guess I'm a bit of a Philistine.

  4. tsb, I find Faulkner a bit hard to read in a Baroque sort of way. I do think more so than other writers that I have widely divergent views on his books depending upon how old I was when I read them.

  5. I've never read any and now I'm a bit scarred to try.... I set myself a challenge to actually read Dickens this far I have failed but we're only half way through so fingers crossed....!!

  6. Green Girl, As I Lay Dying just about killed me too. Wasn't it in Oprah's Book club? LOLZ.

    Becca, "Heart of Darkness" has to be the college reading assignment I hated the most.

    TSB, don't worry, an aversion to Faulkner doesn't make you a philistine.

    Laoch, interesting how your view of Faulkner's books is dependent on the age you were when you read them.

    Young at Heart, I have difficulty with Dickens. I think David Copperfield is the only one of his novels that I really got into.